You won’t believe how much Puma’s gaming socks cost

You won’t believe how much Puma’s gaming socks cost
Image source: Puma Australia (screenshot)

It’s been pretty common to use the word “technology” to describe things that have nothing to do with technology, like clothing or shoes, simply because “technology” is a buzz word that draws attention. However, Puma’s gaming socks take this trend to a whole new level.

Apparently, someone thinks gamers need high-end footwear to keep their feet warm while they laze around, sit on the couch and take brief breaks for food and other physical necessities. Puma didn’t use the word “technology” to describe its pricey new socks, but it did use some terms commonly used in gaming.

Check out Puma’s gaming socks

Puma has designed its gaming socks with three different modes, if you can believe it. The company’s “Active Gaming Footwear” offers a “Seek” mode, which is activated through the “medial wrap-up grip.” They also have an “Attack” mode, which is activated through the “lateral wrap-up support,” and a “Cruise and Defense” mode, which is offered though the “heal wrap-up stability.”

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There’s plenty of grip in these socks because apparently, all that sitting on the couch requires some serious grip so you don’t wipe out and hurt yourself. The Puma gaming socks even feature a rubber outsole and have been engineered for “comfort and breathability.”