Facebook said to be working on its own OS for smartglasses

Facebook said to be working on its own OS for smartglasses
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Facebook may be working on its own operating system to include in devices like smartglasses, which could be designed as a replacement for smartphones. The Facebook OS is being kept under wraps, but that hasn’t kept some from being able to discover details about it.

Rumors about Facebook OS

We’ve heard at various points over the last several years that Facebook could be working on a smartphone. This latest rumor is exactly the same. Instead, we’re hearing that the social network could be working on a mobile operating system.

Citing unnamed sources, the Information reported last week that Facebook’s OS is aimed at reducing the company’s dependence on Google and Apple in future devices. The social network has an active user base of about 2.4 billion people already, so it could be fairly easy to convince developers to create apps that work on it. However, even with such a large installed base already in place, there will still be a chance that Facebook’s OS will flop.

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Not the first attempt

Patently Apple notes that this isn’t the first time Facebook has tried to reduce its dependence on Google and Apple. It did work on its own phone and a software skin for HTC phones, but both attempts ended up being failures.

The social media firm also reportedly had a contingency in place. Project Oxygen would reportedly go into effect if the company’s apps ever ended up being blocked or becoming otherwise inaccessible via the Google Play Store.

Even though Facebook has a massive user base, developers may not be quick to jump on the bandwagon and support the company’s operating system. We only need look to Microsoft, which failed to convince developers to create apps for the Windows Phone.

Looking to the future

A spokesperson said Facebook’s OS will focus on current and upcoming devices, including augmented-reality glasses. The social media firm has already said it is working on smartglasses that will run on its OS and run its social networking apps. However, it could be years before the smartglasses and Facebook’s OS become final products ready for the general public.

There is a possibility that smartglasses will eventually replace smartphones, according to some leaders in the technology space, like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

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