Getting a credit card with a bad credit score

Getting a credit card with a bad credit score
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It is hard for someone with a bad credit score or with no credit history to get more options while applying for credit cards. Because most credit card issuers do not want to take the risk of giving them credit when they are not sure that they will pay. When you have a lower credit score, it will be hard for you to get a credit card. But here are some things about how you can get a credit card while you have a bad credit score.

Know about your credit score

There is a probability that you are aware that you have a bad credit history if you have applied for a loan or credit card and denied it. If you are not aware, you can go ahead and check and find out where you are. You can check your credit score online on sites such as, credit karma, among others.

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Once you know your credit score, you can focus on getting the credit card that you can easily acquire with your current rating. After you get one, focus on building your score so that you can have better options in the future.

Use a secured credit card

If you have a bad credit score, you can use a secured credit card. It allows you to deposit some security in it. Your card issuer holds your deposit, which is usually equivalent to your credit line. You can use it till you upgrade or close it without any balance. Secured credit cards can help you to improve your credit score if you pay on time for a specific period.

Stop applying for cards meant for those people with good credit.

Try to apply for credit cards intended for people with bad credit score, rather than those that need a high credit score. Chances are it will not be approved, and these applications will cause more damage to your credit score.

You should try to move yourself to better cards

Being on credit cards for no credit credit card for no credit situation is not perfect. When you have a bad credit score, you are limited to credit card terms that are not attractive. You will face some difficulties such as low credit limits, security deposits, high-interest rates, etc. but for a limited period.

You should aim to pay your bill on time so that you can improve your credit score. It can take a year for you to qualify for better options if you prove that you can be responsible with your credit card.

Look for someone to add you as an authorized person in their account

If you want to take this route, look for someone that you can trust, and their credit score is excellent. The owner of the credit card is responsible for the balance in credit card. Therefore, it is essential to check your spending habits.

For you to improve your credit score, ensure that you are an authorized user. Otherwise, there will be no change in your credit score.


When you are in credit cards for no credit credit card for no credit situations, apply the points discussed above to improve. When you have a high credit score, all issuers will be looking for you.

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