ZenFone 6 screenshot bug and time zone issue plague users

Since Asus rolled out the Android 10 update for the ZenFone 6, users have been experiencing several issues. One problem was with the sound quality, and the smartphone maker was quick to address that. Asus also fixed a bug with the Launcher and settings and improved the fingerprint unlock functionality. However, some other issues remain unaddressed, like the one affecting Play Protect and another that prevents Google Pay from working. A number of other issues have also appeared, including a ZenFone 6 screenshot bug and a time zone issue.

ZenFone 6 screenshot bug reported

PiunikaWeb spotted a growing number of reports about the ZenFone 6 screenshot bug and time zone issue. Users affected by the screenshot issue say the device can no longer take a screenshot since the latest Android 10 update. They’re reporting the problem on Asus’ ZenTalk forums.

One person who experienced the ZenFone 6 screenshot bug said every time they take a screenshot, it looks like a blank screen. The screenshot they posted was supposed to show their home screen, so they weren’t trying to take a screenshot of an app that doesn’t have that functionality, like a banking app. Several other users chimed in to suggest restarting the device and clearing the cache. However, the person said they already tried both of those fixes, and neither of them worked. The affected user has the EU version of the ZenFone 6.

Asus has acknowledged the ZenFone 6 screenshot bug and plans to fix it in a future update. For now though, the company has provided a workaround. The process requires entering developer options though, so it is a bit tricky. Once in developer options, users must turn off “Force Desktop Mode” and then reboot.

Time zone issue also reported

Many users are also reporting a time zone issue with their ZenFone 6. Most of those who are affected seem to be in South America. The time zone on the device automatically changes to the wrong one even when the user sets the time zone manually. It’s not even possible to fix the issue by enabling auto update by the mobile network.

An Asus administrator responded to the tread and said they would try to reproduce the time zone issue. It is good news that the smartphone maker is aware of the problem, so hopefully there will be a fix for it soon.

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