Windowless planes to take flights to the next level in next 15 years

One of the most beautiful experiences that comes with air travel is the opportunity to see how big the world is from such high elevations. As a result, many people fight for seats that are next to the window. Some enjoy taking pictures of the clouds and small towns thousands of feet below them and then sharing them on social media. However, this all could change soon with windowless planes, which could become a thing of the future, according to The Telegraph.

The Center for Process Innovation, a British tech research company, is working on windowless planes that will provide a mesmerizing view for passengers onboard. This will represent the future of aircraft — and likely the future of Instagram pictures as well.

Instead of windows, the futuristic planes will boast OLED touch screens that will allow everyone to watch through the virtual window seats. The company said in its video that this could be achievable in the next ten to 15 years for commercial purposes.

The OLED touchscreens which are now mostly used in high-end smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy or iPhone series and in computer monitors, TVs, and tablets will soon be used in airplanes as well. They will be connected to cameras on the plane’s exterior, which will record the surrounding sky. It will enable users to enjoy a real-time representation of what’s going on outside as the plane flies.

The screen won’t always display the outside area of the plane. Some travelers are scared of heights or become sick of them. Because of that, you can disable the virtual window and turn it into an entertainment system.

OLED stands for “organic light-emitting diode,” which means the screens are made of organic compounds, and they display light as it interacts with electrical current. It’s likely that the tech of the future might not even be based on OLED tech, as in the next decade, we might see more powerful screens on the market, both in phones and planes.

The entire walls of planes will be covered with screens so that passengers can see the outstanding view of the sky around them without worrying about snagging the best seat. The sky and the plane’s other surroundings will be projected onto the walls of the plane in real time, although that may discourage various conspiracy theorists who believe the Earth is flat.

There is a potential drawback of this approach. Some people are sensitive to bright lights, which could result in seizures. This effect can be even more increased on a plane that is covered in OLED screens. The video below shows more details on the windowless planes. What do you think about them? Please let us know in the comments.

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