This Twitter auto-refresh bug is aggravating iPhone users

iPhone users are having a difficult time with the Twitter app. Apparently, the app automatically refreshes so much and at random times that users lose the tweet they were reading. However, the iPhone Twitter auto-refresh bug is not technically a bug, but rather, more of a “feature.”

Complaints about iPhone Twitter auto-refresh bug

Twitter has been filling up with complaints about the iPhone Twitter auto-refresh bug, and 9to5Mac spotted the growing number of tweets about it. This tweet seems to sum up the frustration many iPhone users are having with the Twitter app:

Every time the feed refreshes, the user loses their place and get moved back up to the top where the newest tweets have appeared.

Usually, auto-refresh would seem like a good idea on a platform like Twitter because it removes the need to refresh manually to see new tweets. However, when the refresh happens too frequently, especially while in the middle of reading a tweet, and it loses the user’s place in their feed, it causes a serious problem.

Many users are wanting to know when a fix for the iPhone Twitter auto-refresh bug will be rolled out. This tweet also includes a short video of what happens when the feed is automatically refreshed:

Other problems with the Twitter for iPhone app

The annoying auto-refresh doesn’t appear to be the only serious problem with the Twitter app for the iPhone right now. The latest update to the app added the auto-refresh feature over the weekend, but the update also brought other problems like instability and even ultra-slow performance for some users. Others have reported that the app crashes when they try to compose a tweet. The problems seem to occur no matter which iPhone model is being used, including the newest iPhone 11 line-up.

Twitter hasn’t yet had anything to say about the iPhone auto-refresh bug, but we would expect a big change with this feature in the next update. Based on how upset people are with it, the micro-blogging platform shouldn’t wait long.

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