OnePlus wearable could arrive with the OnePlus 8

OnePlus wearable could arrive with the OnePlus 8
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A OnePlus wearable could be on the way if the latest rumor is to be believed. Some tech blogs have taken the rumor and are saying that the device could be a smartwatch, but the wording of the tip suggests it may be more of a fitness band than a smartwatch. If the rumor is correct, the device could land alongside the OnePlus 8, which is believed to be slated for a second-quarter launch next year.

Rumor about a OnePlus wearable

A Twitter tipster who writes for TechPP hinted that OnePlus could be working on a wearable device of some kind. Based on the wording, it sounds like it could be a fitness band, although we know from previous years that the company was working on a smartwatch, so it could go either way. The phrase “never settle” is meant as a hint for OnePlus because that is the company’s ad slogan.

As you can see, the tweet offers no other details such as possible specs or suggestions about the design. We would expect the OnePlus wearable to run on Google’s WearOS, but beyond that, there’s nothing else to say.

Not the first time we’re hearing this

The Chinese smartphone maker told Techradar in 2015 that it had been working on a wearable device but ended up halting the project at the last minute. Phone Arena pegs the timing of OnePlus’ previous work on a wearable device, which was a smartwatch, in 2016. The tech blog said the Chinese company said it had been planning to offer a smartwatch but decided it needed to focus on its smartphones until it had made a name for itself and then possibly expand later.

Phone Arena also said the OnePlus wearable could launch alongside the OnePlus 8, citing the same tweet shared above. However, the tweet doesn’t actually say anything about a possible launch date for the device. Thus, it’s unclear exactly where that tidbit came from.

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