PlayStation 5 concept video envisions console and controller

We’re still about a year away from the release of the PlayStation 5, but fans have plenty of ideas about what it should look like. We saw some renderings based on patent drawings earlier this year, but now there’s a new PlayStation 5 concept video which envisions what it might look like, right down to the controllers.

PlayStation 5 concept video from Germany

WCCFtech spotted the PlayStation 5 concept video, which was posted on YouTube by Turn On, a magazine published by German retailer Saturn. We should emphasize that the renderings in the video show what the retailer would like the PS5 to look like. We won’t know for certain what Sony has in store for us until the big reveal next year.

The console itself is pretty standard and rectangular, although with round corners. It looks quite different than the renderings drawn up by Let’s Go Digital earlier this year, which were based on an interesting concept from a patent diagram. There is no V-shaped vent system, but the rounded corners are a very nice touch.

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The designers at Turn On said they took the idea of the V-shaped vent system from the previous rendering, which is widely believed to show the developer kit. They also want to see the console’s surface alternate between brushed and glossy back. Their concept also includes touch-sensitive areas for the bottoms in a design that’s similar to that of the original PS3.

The concept includes support for hardware raytracing, which Sony has already promised, and includes an AMD Zen 2 CPU and Ryzen DNA GPU. The concept also suggests the PS5 will have a 2 TB high-speed SSD. The idea also includes 24 GB of GDDR6 RAM and a 4K Blu-ray drive. The console is also backward compatible with all previous PlayStation games from all console generations, just as we’ve heard before.

Dualshock 5 controller design

The PlayStation 5 concept video even includes some ideas for the Dualshock 5 controllers, which Sony has also said will get a redesign with the PS5. The controller concept features an LED touchscreen with adaptive triggers and enhanced 3D haptic feedback. Sony has not confirmed that the PS5 controllers will have a touchscreen, but we have heard a rumor to this effect. The company has said that it will incorporate haptic feedback into the controller, although it has also said that the PS5’s controller will be similar to the one that came with the PS4.

playstation 5 concept video
Image source: Turn On (via YouTube screenshot)

The designers at Turn On said touching the LED on their controller concept brings up the console’s menu, and the display shows the amount of charge the controller has and the time. The LED touchscreen can also work as a second screen while playing games to display the player’s health bar or ammunition.

They also suggest that the PS5 controller could charge wirelessly simply by placing it on top of the console. The LED touchscreen will then display the charging progress.

You can view the full PlayStation 5 concept video below: