iOS 14 beta features major changes following iOS 13 problematic launch

The long-awaited iOS 13 launched with various bugs, including the issue with Bluetooth that persisted for a long time. Now, Apple doesn’t want the same mistake to happen again and has brought new changes to the iOS 14 beta to ensure they don’t. Despite the long testing efforts, the company couldn’t ensure the flawless iOS 13 experience, but that’s to change according to a new report in Bloomberg.

According to Bloomberg, iOS 14 will be developed using new methodologies which will ensure the bugless progress and eventual launch without the major hiccups next year. Since the operating system update came out in last September, there were eight updates which were aimed toward bringing new features as well as fixing the already-existing issues with the system. The report proves Apple needs to step up its game and bring more consistent updates.

That said, Apple is going to use a new approach and use “flags” which will help engineers test, enable or disable new features independently which will help not only to track some issues, but also prevent internal testing of iOS versions that feature major changes at once. It’s no secret that iOS 13 introduced various features which made testing overwhelmingly hard for engineers, which led to them to constantly changing the testing pace and state of iOS which led to some bugs being unnoticed.

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According to the report, Apple announced these major changes for the following iOS 14 beta during a software engineering team meeting led by Craig Federighi. However, it’s still unclear how exactly the policy would be changed but that the effects of the change will likely be visible when the iOS 14 beta is officially announced during WWDC 2020 in June, if Apple follows its regular announcement policy.

The same report shows that Apple has big plans for its future update, although those may be postponed until the company can ensure that its system is bug free or with less issues and bugs. Until then, let’s hope that Apple continues rolling out consistent iOS 13 updates which should result in less complaints by iPhone users.

This is not the first mention of iOS 14 so far. Many Apple fans have already been discussing what the new features could be, with one YouTuber even featuring a fan-made concept design which could be compatible with what Apple plans to do. Hopefully, we’ll also see other features emerge on next year’s software including support for Apple AR glasses, swapping of default apps and a sleeker UI. Also seeing a more advanced Siri and spam calls and messages filter would be more than welcome.