The Principle of Auto Tracking Security Camera

The Principle of Auto Tracking Security Camera
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The security industry is stable yet full of advanced designs and the latest technology surveillance system for the benefit of the user. You can choose from a wide range of cameras for your household, offices, warehouse, perimeter surveillance, etc. Finding the worthy surveillance security provider is equally rough because of the fraud flourishing of the service provider within the business. For the best security options, you can always refer to the security camera warehouse that provides promising security surveillance options and expert services. This article includes the details of the auto-tracking camera and its working benefits.

Auto Tracking Camera

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Though they are present in the market since long ago, customers have recently developed their interest in these cameras. As the name suggests, the auto-tracking camera enables itself to start the recording of moving people, vehicles, and animals as soon as they come in view. It covers a large perimeter for surveillance and auto-detection. It is the best feature of the self-installation camera. These cameras are equipped with sensors to detect body heat and motion in the field of view. As soon as something suspicious happens you will be notified at the moment. Unlike other security systems, you don’t need to get your eyes glued to the monitor screen all the time which is a very impractical approach. Also, you are more likely to be left with the surveillance footage of a robber executing the robbery within your property. Motion detection camera solves this problem and you can pursue your work without being worried all the time.

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Motion detection can be a frustrating feature as well for those who are using it for the first time. It sometimes records things such as a change in illumination, waving of flag and falling of leaves that give away too much of the notification on your phone which is a complete wastage of time. Motion detection works through the in-built technology namely radio frequency, thermal measurements, and light recognition but most of the motion detection camera has 2 basic technology: -

Passive Infrared (PIR)

This camera uses body heat for the detection of activity. It is also known as “heat vision” referring to its working principle. When the sensors identify the motion of these objects and notice the variation of temperature between the suspicious object and the surrounding, the recording starts. At the same time, the notification is also sent to the owner regarding the activity so that he can start the monitoring immediately.

Computer Vision

Computer vision works on a bigger aspect as it uses the software to detect the motion. Unlike the infrared method, this uses and analyzes the bigger changes that happen in a sequential frame and monitors it for suspicious activity. There are different methods to analyze the activity and the technical team designs the working of the software. One method is to observe the significant changes in the pixels over a fraction of time as compared to monitoring for a long period. The other way includes identifying the pattern of the directional changes in the picture.

The motive of both the method is to obtain the detection of the motion and identifying the shape of the object as well so that it can be used to differentiate between the animal or a human body. This way only the filtered notification is sent to the user regarding the violation of security.

Motion detection technology has ample opportunities for fixing the fault but by changing the default setting of the camera you can always unfold and achieve better performance out of your camera. You should always read the user manual for getting a better understanding of your camera and its working and grab the opportunity to outperform your device.

All that being said, if you are still on the fence about an auto-tracking camera systems, here are some of the advantages that you can keep in mind:

  • Auto-track moving objects, smart and efficient
  • Monitoring and recording the most important objects
  • Optical zoom to maintain clear image
  • Sensitivity adjustable, multiple tracking modes
  • Incorporating with motion detection
  • Immune to flying birds, moving tree branches, and other small objects
  • Eliminate the need for multiple cameras

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