Top Three Astonishing Uses of Face Recognition

Top Three Astonishing Uses of Face Recognition
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If you remember the golden ages of Facebook, you can undoubtedly recall the day when it introduced facial recognition. That feature was initially used for giving suggestions about who is who during the process of tagging people in photos. While many people found it a brilliant idea, there were also some worried and skeptical voices.

Today, facial recognition has found its usage in every segment of our lives. Applying that type of cutting-edge technology, nowadays, we can unlock our phones and homes if the cameras recognize us. Governments all around the world use it to prevent and solve crimes, such as thefts, murders, or terrorist attacks. A lot of EU member states and some other countries installed such systems at passport checks.

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With the fast-paced development of artificial intelligence, facial recognition has become an innovative tool in numerous spheres. Here are some of the most novel and creative ideas where this tool might prove valuable.

1. State-of-the-ART Technology

Electrical engineers, artists, and historians have gathered to set off on a joint venture of analyzing portrait paintings from the past. Using facial recognition software, they hope to find out more about the unidentified portraits, e.g., the age of the person. It might be able to match 2D portrait representations to 3D sculpture representations of the same person if they both exist.

Besides, some tools can recognize feelings. Hopefully, we might finally uncover the true emotions under those mysterious poker faces or even determine if Mona Lisa is smiling or not.

2. Taking Players at Face Value

Another interesting usage of facial recognition is in casinos. The latest casino news have been discussing the introduction of such a feature in the gambling industry. The idea is still fresh, although some establishments have already implemented it. The reasons range from security to customer satisfaction.

The staff has always struggled to detect unwanted customers. Some blacklisted people find a way to deceive the security and easily enter casinos, only to cause problems again and again. Therefore, what can help to solve this issue is the introduction of facial recognition systems in casinos. The software can spot the underage, fraudsters, or other clients that have been banned for various reasons. Thus, the security can act immediately.

Besides, gamblers won’t need to bother with players’ cards anymore. They can sit down in front of a slot machine, and once their face has been recognized, they can enjoy the rest.

3. Face to Face With Your Car

Some experiments conducted by car companies examine the use of facial recognition in their vehicles. Imagine that you take a seat and look at your rear-view mirror. Three, two, one, go! No keys because your car has just confirmed your identity based on your face. What is more, it makes your driving experience more personalized by adjusting your seat or finding your favorite radio channel.

Even more importantly, if you become sleepy or close your eyes, it warns you. The system reminds you not to play Russian roulette with your own life and the lives of other people.

What to Expect?

It has become clear that movies with extraordinary scenes of facial recognition are not so futuristic anymore. Indeed, we have already started living such a life. Certainly, we can expect a high rise of facial recognition slotting into our daily routine. What raises concerns is the fact that the use of such tools can easily transform into a misuse. Due to privacy issues, we need strict laws regulating this fantastic product of technology.

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