Apple to sell iPhone in Pakistan via official distributor’s store

Apple has selected Singapore’s Mercantile Pacific to be its regional distributor in Pakistan. Mercantile has also chosen Airlink Communication to be its distribution partner in the country for the Apple Store in Pakistan.

apple store in pakistan

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Apple Store in Pakistan operated through official distributor

It’s been about four months since it was announced that Mercantile Pacific would be Apple’s official distributor in Pakistan, but the partnership is only just now being implemented. Mercantile is a top distributor of mobile phones around the globe. The company will also serve as Apple’s distributor in Afghanistan. The addition of Airlink as a partner for Mercantile is allowing the company to expand its network in Pakistan.

The partnerships between Apple, Mercantile Pacific and Airlink Communication are expected to increase the prices for Apple products in Pakistan because of the nation’s strict tax requirements. However, those who buy through the official distributors should be able to enjoy a more immersive experience than has been experienced previously.

It’s unclear what all that means, but Apple has been taking steps to offer more services in Pakistan. Over the summer with the rollout of iOS 12.4, the company enabled FaceTime for iPhones sold there for the first time. The iPhone 5s and newer supports FaceTime calls.

Officials adjust rules for mobile phones

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has been trying to normalize the nation’s smartphone market and imports. This week we also found out that a Senate committee is against the law that levies a tax on even a single mobile phone imported into the country as part of travelers’ personal baggage. The law hasn’t changed yet, but regulators are discussing change it to allow travelers to import up to two mobile phones without paying a tax on them.

Airlink Communication CEO Muzzaffar Hayat Piracha said in a statement that they are “committed to offering the best products to the consumers through this alliance.” He added that the market for premium products is growing in Pakistan, and they expect this growth to continue.

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