Top 20+ signs of a low-quality web host [INFOGRAPHIC]

Top 20+ signs of a low-quality web host [INFOGRAPHIC]

With the rise in the number of hosting providers online, picking the best web host for websites has become a difficult task for most businesses. All hosting providers offer you a wide variety of features at attractive prices. They offer you excellent uptime and security features. They also offer coupon codes that can help you save big money on your hosting, domain, and other web-related products. However, just like the saying ‘all that glitter is not gold,’ you need to read between the lines when choosing a web host, as more often than not, new hosting providers claim to offer excellent features with each hosting package but fail to live up to this claim. You must watch out for these low-quality web host providers.


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Choosing the best web hosting for your website is important if you want to enjoy faster site speed and enhanced security features. A good web host also offers you all the web hosting features that are needed to run your website optimally. More importantly, it ensures that the server is well-maintained and monitored 24/7, which limits the risk of your site going down.

Low quality web host warning signs

On the other hand, a low-quality web host not only affects your site’s performance but also pose a security risk. Since they are not able to provide robust security features, a site hosted on a low-quality web host is prone to hacking attempts, malware, and spam. It also makes updating your website difficult, as it is not able to provide you with the necessary features.

If you want to enjoy increased traffic and higher rankings, then choosing a good-quality web host is of utmost importance. When purchasing a web host, one of the best ways to ascertain whether a web host is good, is to read hosting reviews. This will help you make a well-informed decision.

Another way to distinguish between a good and low-quality web host is to check out the below, web hosting warning signs infographic. This infographic has listed the top 20+ signs of a poor-quality web host. Thus, take a look at this infographic now, and for future reference, you can also download/print this infographic for free and keep it handy.

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