iPhone 12 leaks point to display upgrades for next year

iPhone 12 leaks point to display upgrades for next year
Image source: Apple (screenshot)

Given that the iPhone 11 line-up didn’t offer a whole lot in the way of major new features, Apple fans have been especially quick to jump on the iPhone 12 bandwagon. A couple of iPhone 12 leaks we’ve been hearing suggest the display on next year’s line-up could receive a major upgrade from where it stands now.

Rumor suggests new TrueDepth camera

One rumor that’s picked up a lot of steam suggests the iPhone 12 will have a much smaller TrueDepth camera system, which would mean Apple would be able to put it in an ultra-thin bezel and get rid of the notch.

However, BGR notes that the source of this alleged iPhone 12 leak is an amateur graphic designer who has a horrible track record when it comes to making predictions about upcoming iPhone models. The tech blog states that the only time he was correct about a rumor was when he was repeating what everyone else was saying. Further, whenever he came up with a rumor himself, it turned out to be inaccurate.

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