iOS 13.2 brings the new iPhone 11 Deep Fusion camera

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When Apple announced the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, a new feature known as Deep Fusion was also featured to ship with the new phone. However, the feature is not immediately available and according to The Verge, the new iPhone 11 Deep Fusion camera feature will come with the iOS 13.2 update, although it’s still unclear when that will come out.

According to the report, only the Apple developer beta has the privilege of testing the new feature. While the official date of the release isn’t known yet, hopefully it won’t be too long until all iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro users can enjoy the feature.

What is the new iPhone 11 Deep Fusion camera?

Deep Fusion is a cutting-edge technology from Apple which should provide more clarity and details to images. When the feature was initially announced, Apple showcased how it works by taking pictures of different people wearing sweaters, which showed more details compared to the previous camera technologies. The images were so detailed, that the viewer could see the threads on the sweater, something that is hard to detect with the bare eye, let alone a camera. However, we still have time before we can see whether the feature is consistent with Apple’s announcement.

The iPhone 11 Deep Fusion camera will sport three modes. They’ll activate automatically, based on light levels, as well as what the camera lens users activate:

  • Standard wide-angle lens that is equipped with Smart HDR technology adjusted for areas with bright or medium-light scenery. Deep Fusion will work with medium to low light, while the low-ambient light will be handled by Night mode.
  • The tele lens will mostly operate with Deep Fusion, followed by Smart HDR that works with extremely bright scenes and Night mode for extremely dark scenes.
  • The ultrawide lens will always use Smart HDR, with no function for Deep Fusion or Night mode.

Another thing worth noting is that Deep Fusion doesn’t have visible indicators that it’s active, unlike the Night mode which comes with an on-screen indicator. It doesn’t show in the EXIF data. According to The Verge, the Deep Fusion sensor is invisible because then people won’t think or stress about taking the best photo, but just let the camera do the best work automatically.

How does it work?

According to the report, the new iPhone 11 Deep Fusion camera is already taking frames as you’re beginning to press the shutter button, coming with three additional shots and one shot with longer exposure for when you actually take the photo.

All frames and photos taken by the time the user has pressed the button are combined into one photo, with Deep Fusion then picking the short exposure image that it finds is best and merging it into the photo. The feature then goes into further processing for noise reduction and more detailed processing depending on the ambient of the photo.

The final image is then saved in the Photos app. Given that Apple is equipped with the super-fast A13 CPU, users doesn’t even notice the process is occurring.

Are you looking forward to iOS 13.2 and the iPhone 11 Deep Fusion camera? Please let us know!

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