Alexander Vindman: An American Hero or a Ukrainian Spy?

Alexander Vindman is a US. Army Lieutenant Colonel assigned to the National Security Council. He is an expert on Ukraine and is fluent in Ukrainian and Russian.

Alexander Vindman

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Vindman had been authorized to listen in on the infamous July 25th telephone conversation between President Donald Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

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On Tuesday, as a witness before the House Intelligence Committee, he reported on what he had heard. His conclusion was that President Trump offered to remove a hold on hundreds of dollars of promised military aid to Ukraine if President Zelenskiy would open investigations of actions in Ukraine of former Vice President Joseph Biden and his son, Hunter, and of possible Ukrainian aid to the Democrats in our 2016 presidential election.

Alexander Vindman was instantaneously attacked by a few rightwing Republicans, not just for being disloyal to the United States, but possibly even being engaged in espionage for Ukraine against our country.

Alexander Vindman biography

Their proof? For starters, Colonel Vindman was born in Ukraine when it was part of the Soviet Union, and does speak Ukrainian and Russian. So he could easily be a Ukrainian spy.

The fact that he provided evidence which could be the basis for impeaching President Trump is further proof of his disloyalty to our commander-in-chief, and therefore to our nation. Indeed, he is very likely a never-Trumper, who would go to any length to depose our beloved leader.

Interestingly, it appears that none of the fine patriotic Americans who are questioning Alexander Vindman’s loyalty to America have ever served in the military – let along received a purple heart during the Iraq War.

Vindman did provide some helpful advice to Ukrainian officials with respect to securing the promised military aid from the United States. He did this openly, with full permission from his superiors at National Security Council. And please keep in mind that regardless of the words and actions of President Trump, Ukraine – unlike its Russian attackers – is basically an American ally.

Still, there are some who may have lingering suspicions that Alexander Vindman may have been sent here to spy on us. Perhaps, even at a very early age, his spying talents were evident. He emigrated to the United States with his family when he was just three years old.

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