Top Of Google Search – Alone or with an affordable SEO services?

Top Of Google Search – Alone or with an affordable SEO services?

What Determines The Position Of Pages On Google? Positioning – Alone Or With An Affordable SEO Services?

Effective positioning is a way to increase the visibility of your company on the web, as well as improve website traffic. However, there are many ranking factors that affect Google position. Therefore, we suggest what should be considered when positioning websites with the help of an

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How to position websites?

  • Position in Google - what ranking factors influence it?
  • Is it worth using the services of an SEO specialist?

First, let us explain what SEO is. It's short for Search Engine Optimization, it means optimizing websites for search engines. Generally speaking, it is a series of on-site and off-site activities, i.e. taken on the website itself and outside of it, which aims to achieve the highest position in organic search results .

And how does website positioning work ? In the first place, structural data is usually improved or added, images are optimized and the so-called UX, or user experience . It is important to check whether there are key phrases for the given industry on the page, and if not they should be added. In addition, steps are taken in the field of content marketing and link building. In addition, we can also distinguish local positioning , which differs in that it focuses on results related to geolocation in Google.

These are a few of the basic steps you need to take to improve your position on Google, and thus increase your site's visibility on the web. Sometimes, however this is not enough, you also have to take into account the ranking factors that Google takes into account with the help of an affordable SEO services for small business.

Position in Google - what ranking factors influence it?

At the beginning it should be noted that Google does not disclose all ranking factors that affect the place in the results of the website. The current state of knowledge is the result of careful tracking of Google documentation and tests of affordable SEO services. On this basis, we can distinguish criteria that should certainly be taken into account when positioning websites.

These factors can be divided into on-site and off-site . The first of them are related to website optimization . The position in Google will be influenced by the page loading speed (both on mobile devices and on the computer) and the presence of key phrases not only in the content, but also in the meta title, meta description or headers tags. Internal linking, uniqueness of content should be taken care of (duplicate descriptions should be avoided - even producers' descriptions for goods sold in online stores), as well as images optimized for search engines. Ranking factors such as domain age, content freshness and length are also critical.

In contrast, off-site criteria are those that are not directly related to the site itself, but with SEO activities are undertaken outside of it. The most important in this case is the quantity and quality of links that lead to the positioned page. Interestingly, the theme of the website may be relevant, which contains the link. Google points out the number of clicks on the page in search results or the bounce rate.

Is it worth using the services of an affordable SEO services?

Above are presented only some of the factors affecting the positioning of pages. Some of these actions can be taken independently, others require technical knowledge, which is one of the arguments that it is worth using the services of an SEO specialist. Even seemingly simple elements such as saturation of the page with phrases or linking to it may prove disastrous, because Google nowadays is sensitive to all activities having the characteristics of "spammy".

The offer of affordable SEO services company should be of particular interest to owners of commercial websites. In their case, good visibility on the web and high website traffic translates into real profits, and it is often not easy to stand out among the competition.

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