See the man who invented 911 number see full history

See the man who invented 911 number see full history
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  • I advise on implementing an automated answering system 911 with thousands of computer operators for US national emergencies
  • Counterintelligence and espionage of  Europe and the United States have my records where they explain know that everything is TRUE  ok .
  • Hereby, I inform you that the chain of misinformation, that at the same time is a spy network against god sides, and sales All this to leave me and leave you all vulnerable;




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Hereby I inform you that counterintelligence and espionage against, and more that are regulating those areas of several countries including Europe and the United States have my records where they explain know that everything is TRUE true and in his memorandums of war of the past, which can ask for my history, so in several NATO countries and non-aligned countries to them, thank you.





And I suggested to convince the Soviets with joint ideas of agreements and in the end they accepted to leave in 4 years later and sealed of Afghanistan in 1987

Therefore, I advise the cut in a single gesture by then burning them bacteriological weapons and space technology to start peace talks with the former Soviet Union and therefore, offering space technology would save the former Soviet Union years of huge research costs, they loved it. And thus neutralize some conventional and nuclear war and spread the views of Moscow over the war in third countries.

Therefore in the beginning of the 1980 summer.

Children Of Paris –2

In the summer of 1980 it advised a database in Washington DC which pairs of children from the United States and part of the former Soviet Union would go to a neutral country and culminated in a nuclear summit that time in Paris France as the two nuclear superpowers led by former presidents Jimmy Carter of the United States and the leader Leoned Brezhnev of the former Soviet Union accepted the advice of Juan Carlos Robles Guerra of the global geopolitical analysis of how quickly begin talks without delay and continue with the peaks interrupted by the invasion of Afghanistan war and other factors, as the war worsened in third countries and affected the nuclear.

Therefore to accept the two powers described above accepted declarations and the fact that they also had families and so look to be a normal suggestion of a diplomatic summit despite the war and hostilities that had taken a few years

It was achieved with that fact quickly putting aside the war in Afghanistan and them

They were sent to Paris, France in November 1980 to continue the nuclear peace talks were already interrupted since relations were severely strained by the invasion of the former Soviet Union of a country's analyst countries conquered by communism. And in this case the invasion of Afghanistan and thus might still that act in violation of international agreements with the West, they continue with the talks disarmament intercontinental missiles it had stagnated and remained at only offer paper and with this fact the two powers chose the scene of the city of Paris, France explained in the book more deeply x99. And how exciting it was and where the continuation of the disconnections of intercontinental missiles were mid-range nuclear interbalistics long and mid-range and short-range and quickly coming to stop the Soviets accept

And American Logistic of this high-level international diplomatic

Thus achieving and crystallizing the hazardous disconnections for peace nuclear missiles we only strategy designed by Juan Carlos Robles Guerra


I advise the sending astronauts of the two powers in this case the United States and Russia to the Russian station came Mirk and send a photo of them shaking hands with the two flags of each arm of each astronaut and the photo taken within the Russian station Mirk turned it into the world and so that way in space these signs of peace or peace signs, especially as an advertisement for everyone else that the Cold War began to end and ceded were sent to were no reprisals nonconforming parts of international communism and the West. And do not avenge one for the invasion of Afghanistan and on the other side by the Russian revenge curb its advanced with rebels in some areas, and thus give a set time to the other strategies in order to continue with the conclusion of dialogues and moments peace momentary disconnection for nuclear missile without giving time to begin to destabilize divergences in some areas to Europe and the Middle East


I advise the disconnection of internet support system because they asked the high commands of the United States but damaged the global strategy that had become a priority at all with Soviet cooperation – and even had intentions of doing my Soviet cooperation logistical gave precedence over all other ideas and needed my opinion about a percentage of insurance if they could leave the country and the international stage spin system is necessary but saw other agreements with the Soviets was feasible and was not necessary one more time. And could Logoff and had to take this opportunity because the system was too dangerous and support disconnection greatly and so advise it was possible to disconnect the internet missile system and thus provide a more strategy to the former Soviet Union, which was greatly welcomed by Russians

Moreover, while as the months had ads that private and government parties complained that the system had cost billions and if it should do and although all systems terminate in the same end I rush it try to implement in the civil sector and thus was born the beginning of internet communications system that could be to the public for the years ahead of schedule. As a decade earlier for civilian purposes and the foundations were laid in 1983 about the time, that after almost a decade of improving it be designed and used this system and adapted for communications purposes, which gave birth to the system broadband Internet communications today


I advise you to burn bacteriological weapons and other strategies for dialogue and peace for less advanced of them and thus continue with world peace and ask my analysis was used and we ask the Soviets if they could withdraw the troops  from Afghanistan  and so we at the same time, in this case the United States, would we get the rebels CIA out of afganistan and they agreed to do in a time of four years and in 1987 they left Afghanistan definitely seen an unprecedented event for the first time since the Cold War had begun in the late forties. And one of the diplomatic achievements of more significance in recent times and peace for the hemispheres which diverged more strongly as the Middle East, where all the oil moved the world, strategy designed by Juan Carlos Robles Guerra for President Reagan.

6.- 911 Emergency Numbers

I advise on implementing an automated answering system with thousands of computer operators for US national emergencies so as not to have to militarize the country by the war with , iran  since the threat was very strict terrorist attacks and war was estimated more instead of diminishing even in third countries. And the support of every citizen CITIZENSHIP separate out a spy if he saw something wrong and calls the police were soon fast and not too slow as they were needed. And besides there would be a more effective police system reaction and led the famous all emergency numbers called 911 which are very useful as you know across America and around the world today.


I advise methods of diplomacy and trade shock and continental war abortion angle balance point of these areas and countries. And so calm wars that resulted in the decrease of tensions between nuclear powers and other design treated as the   nuclear summit that time in Paris France  1980     and in commerce  ,  NAFTA of North America trade agreement  in the Reagan administration back in 1984, and that could only be approved in the administration of William Clinton nine years after  in 1993, but laid the foundations of the same at the time and so with these 74 strategies more angles and abort a very high percentage of nuclear and conventional war, before the Soviet Union broke up and gave this fact confidence will not see us as a threat that he better world.

On the other hand, apart design the first theories of an economy of the future explained in two books and stocks decree of the World Bank and the United Nations one day will govern the world of tomorrow with the world dollars they managed large subsidies the global economy and gradually will replace our economic Currency forms, which will be Jurassic time and expedite when books take force and other people support these ideas and economic forms.

I also designed and explained the theory of universe models orange segments and where the universe of other ways that challenge and dethrone string theories and the latest models of universes is exposed. And apart explain as much as possible for people and defined it in an explanatory and acceptable manner the dimensions of the universe and catalog with distinctive models as ETA Carinae point A1 to 65 and more points which can study and look at the books. I recommend the book in English because the X99 needs correction in Spanish.


Hereby we explain to what extent they can get control systems and lack of regulation in contra espionage occasions and where fraudsters using a name that resembled Mr. Juan Carlos Robles Guerra, who wrote a book and named it X99 they wanted to do but against all abortion intelligence, as well as the presidential security systems in the US and Europe Latin America. On the other hand, so even marred aid to scare those families and we hope with these cards remain warned about parts far can sometimes fraudsters and explanation rapidly whose synthesis was this person who helped in nuclear war . And with a book they can buy the best bookstores in the United States by Internet as Barnes and Nobels name and other x99 and the explanation is because it is very important not to infiltrate with the new rulers and parts of other countries more time to discover this man, because they are trying to do maybe why. Hereby I inform you that counterintelligence several countries including the United States have mine records where they explain it's all true and how advise the high command of the West United States and emerging archived studies USA and Mexico psychological mine where that person goes, and many parties deny your record to be lower ranks and not have access to it but there appears to enjoy excellent health and even a special high coefficient intellectual.

I hereby ask you to pass those concerned and the United States and Europe to the United Nations headquarters as in the past pre-fabricated false declarations have tried to silence the theft of money and scare important families in the US and elsewhere , and as resources become necessary to counter them well and with news. Why are official press releases about it because in the past have used up to steal impostor explained in the letter in English below. On the other hand, they have tried to kidnap in 1982 even before other reports say they began to spoil my real estate business and sales scare because they did not want me .a United States was studying to always guarantee profits thereon. Since I left the US eternally complaints would give them justice department USA.

On the other hand, they have to inform the most possible parts if they try something wrong and out of control counterintelligence several countries including the United States have records of them and the ex-analyst Juan Carlos Robles where exposed they do and where they are and that everything is true in war memos for any clarification that counterfeiters WANT distort if trying to hurt me and so the police are informed about it.

....Thank you very much....

By this means I ask you to take out something And so the news comes out of this unless at least an ad says the man who helped in the nuclear war Juan Carlos Robles .. and that I wrote a book by the name of X99      ---  I hereby authorize them to do so now , Since there are criminals inpostors say, rumors of politics before, and already many flights and time since 2001 and I was an analyst from 1980 to 1995,  and  ends 22 years and there is no problem whatsoever.

And my book is in the best bookstores and I ask you for help so tell  this at the news., the man who helped in the nuclear war Juan Carlos Robles, and who  wrote a book by the name

X99 of John c robles of geopolitics and action, and one of modern astronomy by name REAL TIME - by John C Robles ,

....Thank you very much....

Yours sinserily


[email protected]

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