Verkada’s security solutions for enterprise level applications

Verkada’s security solutions for enterprise level applications
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Verkada is revolutionizing the security industry with advanced hybrid-model systems designed to safeguard both the premises and the data that a surveillance system stores. Verkada’s  innovative system combats potential security threats from both inside and outside the enterprise, and offers easy-to-use solutions that empower staff members to monitor and protect the organization. Highly scalable and budget friendly, Verkada’s system is the perfect solution for enterprise companies and organizations on the rise.

Easy-to-use, advanced technology

For companies that don’t have a plethora of IT resources, investing in a new surveillance system can be daunting. Luckily, Verkada’s system requires little to no technical knowledge to deploy and only a fraction of the bandwidth of traditional IP cameras. On average, Verkada cameras can be installed by a staff member and put to use within 15 minutes. Software updates are conducted automatically, negating the need for maintenance or upkeep from IT staff.

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Verkada’s user-friendly Command Center empowers authorized staff members to monitor security feeds from practically any internet-connected device. The security system even reduces the need for constant human-monitoring, as the Command Center proactively sends alerts to users when a camera enters offline mode or detects tampering. Using the Command Center, staff members can easily share camera footage or live feeds with fellow employees or first responders via email or SMS. As Verkada’s client, Luke Waltrip of the Muhlenberg County Public Libraries put it, “I like that sharing camera access is easier with Verkada. I can show other people who aren’t in the room with me what I’m looking at. That’s important for us.”

External risks

Verkada’s cameras can detect foreign objects or suspicious activity and trigger an alert to the appropriate security director to act immediately. With a live feed sent straight to mobile devices, a potential threat can be acted upon in real-time. Should the event require the interference of police or additional security teams, these live feeds can be shared via email or SMS within seconds, eliminating the need to sift through hours of footage in an isolated room.

Verkada also recognizes that cybersecurity is a major threat, and companies are at risk of being hacked. Verkada surveillance systems reduce this threat by maintaining no open ports. This limits the access to the system and prevents hackers from adjusting how the surveillance is programmed to work. Verkada’s unique hybrid-cloud systems allow for storage of footage both on the physical cameras as well as in the cloud. It also keeps unauthorized individuals from removing or replacing footage the system has stored. Unlike NVR or DVR systems, Verkada’s cameras never experience an outage due to their offline capabilities, meaning that power outages will not equate a gap in security. Staff members will be able to view a virtually live feed, even if the internet crashes or the power goes out. After an outage is over, the cameras’ software will send recorded footage to the cloud for storage, ensuring that clients’ businesses and organizations are covered 24/7.

Internal risks

Millions of employees have access to highly-sensitive data and company or client resources that could be extremely valuable. Typical video systems will not protect a company if employees have the ability to alter their programming, essentially rendering them ineffective.

Since Verkada’s advanced software is programmed to update automatically, staff members won’t be able to install a bug or a program designed to tamper with its surveillance systems. Limiting access while ensuring that the system has the latest software in place is a crucial feature Verkada provides to guarantee the best security systems are themselves safe from unauthorized breaches.

“As far as our architecture is concerned, our cameras can only send outbound data. In other words, the cameras creates the channel,” Verkada founder Filip Kaliszan said. “When it comes to software updates, the cameras constantly ping us asking for updates etc, and only when it gets the Verkada signature does it open a channel and ask for the data. Each camera has its own key, so unless you hijack the person with the information, you can’t get into the camera.”

For organizations that want to have a stronger sense of security, Verkada offers Audit Logs, a way to monitor staff actions, login attempts, and logouts the Command platform. Each camera also has its own audit trail which tracks all actions done by the camera, including firmware updates or configuration changes.

Limited staff access is just one facet of Verkada’s abilities to safeguard a company against internal threats. Ensuring that video surveillance is placed at sensitive locations is also important, and Verkada’s team of professionals are experts in identifying all the places in a facility that should be monitored. Verkada recognizes that using quality video cameras in well-lit areas to monitor staff activities on computer systems or in areas where valuables are stored serves as a deterrent to illegal actions. Verkada cameras also feature auto-leveling capabilities, meaning that a camera’s live feed will never be crooked and will always deliver a crystal-clear picture.

Verkada’s surveillance systems are designed to embrace the best features of artificial intelligence in their programming. These hybrid-cloud systems can also track a wide range of behaviors and alert human resources staff, company security, and managers when these presets are identified. Heatmaps and bounding boxes can be used to track the location and duration of time that people are in a frame. This can be used both for security purposes and for analytics. In a retail setting, for example, heat mapping be indicative of shoppers’ behavior patterns, giving sales teams useful data on how to best display merchandise or when the safest time of day is to switch shifts.

While these technologies protect companies against theft of their resources, they also protect staff from threatening workplace behavior exhibited by colleagues or customers. This can be a key component of a company’s strategy to ensure a safe workplace environment.

Scalable and budget friendly

Purchasing a brand new security system for a business can be an expensive undertaking. However, Verkada’s system is highly customizable, scalable, and in the end, more budget-friendly and effective than NVR or DVR options. Verkada’s unique approach to storing footage makes its cameras’ bandwidth footprint minor (20 kbps per camera, at most). This saves enterprises money and allows for the use of more cameras without the associated drain on bandwidth and speed. As part of Verkada’s packages, users get access to IT support, a 10-year product warranty, unlimited users for the Command center, automatic firmware and software updates, and a cloud archive for video clips. By comparison, if companies purchase NVR or DVR systems, they’ll also need to spend money on software updates (which may make the cameras incompatible with other systems they use), IT support, and should the hardware itself break, new cameras. Each Verkada camera stores between 30 and 120 days of easily accessible and sortable footage. For nonprofits and large systems, Verkada also offers generous discounts. Verkada’s all-in-one systems are built to stay ahead of the curve, meaning companies won’t need to worry about having out of date security systems, ever.

With unparalleled security and advanced AI technology, it’s clear that Verkada is the best option for enterprise level businesses and organizations searching to free themselves from the limitations presented by NVR and DVR systems.

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