Sony’s New Interactive Movie With Beautiful Austin Wintory Music

Sony’s New Interactive Movie With Beautiful Austin Wintory Music
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The fusion of game and film projects becomes so complex that it is already difficult to distinguish where you see an interactive movie with game elements and where is a game using FMV. Flavourworks has made this almost invisible line even thinner by releasing Erica’s interactive mystical drama with support from Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The plot of the new game for PlayStation 4 is the young girl Erica, who at a young age witnessed the brutal murder of her father and even now continues to suffer from nightmares. Years later, the mysterious killer returns with an unexpected gift on the doorstep of her apartment. Opening the package in bright packaging, Erica discovers a cut off hand and a mysterious symbol that she already saw carved on the chest of a dying father.

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Unlike the domestic project "She Is Angry," one passage of Erica takes an hour and a half, and the variability of the plot decisions and six endings can increase the time spent in the game up to six hours.

As in fashionable interactive films, Erica can choose the course or topic of conversation, visit different places and hook pieces of a large puzzle there. All this will come to an end with several variations of the endings based on the decisions made.

To see other options at the end of the story, you will have to start the game from the very beginning, since you cannot choose specific chapters or branch points, which narrows the content of the audience a little, since not everyone wants to go through the whole game through a series of obligatory scenes and dialogs.

Management involves using both the DualShock 4 touchpad and the screen of your smartphone via PlayLink.

It is strange that with a large number of new projects supporting this technology, Sony forces you to download a new application separately for each game. But I must admit that playing Erica on a smartphone or tablet is much more convenient than using a conventional controller.

Returning to the basic mechanics, the authors add a huge number of game elements to the project world. You turn the door handles, use a lighter, push drawers of drawers, and use mysterious keys. All this makes Erica more of a game than a standard interactive movie with a couple of choices.

At the same time, the transition from action to video is made so smoothly and imperceptibly that you are completely immersed in the story.

Choices and interactions with items themselves are often time-limited, so you need to make decisions quickly, researching evidence and risking not getting the best ending.

Decisions affect both the development of current and future events, but some scenes are inevitable regardless of your choice, as well as the mandatory death of some key characters.

Most of the game scenes take place in the twilight, which should convince you to play Erica in the evening. The cast of the main cast is presented at a high level, but, of course, Holly Earl, who plays the main role, is the queen of the ball.

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