Patent reveals possible Galaxy S11 design with slider

Patent reveals possible Galaxy S11 design with slider
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We’ve heard that Samsung might not release a Galaxy S11 next year and could instead combine the S series with the Note series. However, a new Samsung patent describes an interesting potential Galaxy S11 design with a slider. It would certainly freshen up the smartphone line and make it totally unique.

Samsung patent reveals Galaxy S11 design with slider

The team at the Dutch-language tech site Let’s Go Digital spotted the Samsung patent. Since the Galaxy S8, S9 and S10 all featured pretty much the same design, the blog suggests it’s time for a major innovation in the S11. If Samsung does release an S11 line-up, we expect an S11e, standard S11 and high-end S11 Plus.

Early this year, Samsung filed a utility patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office titled “electronic device including movable flexible display.” The patent was then published in late August. It shows a possible Galaxy S11 design with a slider that can extend the size of the display by about 25%. When the device is folded up, it fits in a pocket. The display on the phone is called a “waterfall display.”

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The device described in the patent is very unique because it features a slider that enables the user to pull out the display. The slider comes out the bottom of the device and extends the screen. According to the patent, the housing contains a drive shaft, and the screen extension actually bends around the drive shaft, so it rolls in and out with the slider.

The rear camera in the device is included in the slider, which means you have to pull it out to be able to use the camera. This helps to protect the camera components and keep the lenses cleaner. The speaker and the selfie camera in the Galaxy S11 design with slider are included in a strip along the top. The patent also states that this strip can include multiple lenses.

Will the S11 really be like this?

Samsung did patent another clamshell design with a roll-up display, but this new patent is far more advanced. Although it’s possible that this patent could describe the Galaxy S11, we highly doubt it. There is a chance that a design like this could see the light of day in a real product, but it seems like the company could be more focused on perfecting the foldable display on the Galaxy Fold right now.

If there is a Galaxy S11, we expect it to be revealed in early 2020. We’ll just have to wait until the traditional release window rolls around to see whether Samsung is even planning on releasing an S11 or possibly, as the rumor mill indicated, a Galaxy One equipped with S Pen instead.

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