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OnePlus 7 automatic brightness issue reported in Android 10

OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro users who update to the latest Android 10 beta are having problem with the Adaptive Brightness feature. Reports indicate that the OnePlus 7 automatic brightness issue prevents users from adjusting the brightness using the slider while Adaptive Brightness is activated. The problem appears in the Open Beta 2 of Android 10, but it seems to also have been present in the first beta.

Reports about the OnePlus 7 automatic brightness issue

PiunikaWeb was the first to spot the OnePlus 7 automatic brightness issue. One Reddit user posted about the problem on Wednesday. The person said after updating to Android 10, they tried to move the brightness slider with Adaptive Brightness activated. However, when they move the slider, it automatically returns to the previous position.

Upon asking if others are having the same problem, a number of other Redditors chimed in, saying they have also experienced the same issue. One Redditor offered a temporary workaround until OnePlus rolls out a permanent fix. The person said instead of adjusting the slider, users can disable Adaptive Brightness by tapping next to it. Then adjust the slider to where you want the brightness to be and turn Adaptive Brightness back on. Although the problem will probably recur, this workaround does allow users to adjust the brightness on their OnePlus 7 or 7 Pro despite the existence of Adaptive Brightness.

Another option is just to turn off Adaptive Brightness entirely, although some users may not wish to do that because they like the feature.

Other problems with Adaptive Brightness

This isn’t the first problem with the brightness on the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro. In addition to users reporting the same OnePlus 7 automatic brightness issue on both Open Beta 1 and 2 of Android 10, many have been saying that the feature just hasn’t worked very well in general.

There’s a thread about this issue on OnePlus’ own forums. Users said over the summer that Adaptive Brightness doesn’t respond quickly enough or that it doesn’t respond at all. Several OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro users reported the same problem. In fact, there are two other another thread about the same issue on Reddit. This seems to be an issue with OnePlus devices in general because there’s a thread on XDA Developers’ forum about it affecting the OnePlus 6 line-up as well.