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The Kodi 18.4 Update Is Out, Check Out What’s New

Kodi’s development team rolled out a new version for this media player. The Kodi 18.4 update brings a plethora of new improvements, focusing mostly on bug fixes and security patches. Most of its bug fixes focus on the issues on the user interface that affected several users, as well as PVR functionality, a memory leak, and other general fixes.

As the development team stated in the press release, users shouldn’t expect any new features, stating that after several months the team is ready to patch up the issues users were facing.

“Another couple of months have passed since we last pushed out a release, and so, in our ongoing efforts to produce the best media software in the world, it’s time to squash another few of those more irritating bugs,” it says in the patch notes.

The media software developers also noted that most of the fixes reside deep in Kodi’s infrastructure and that they didn’t appear obvious to most people.

“That said, they’re all real bugs, and real fixes, so thanks as always to all who found a bug, took the time to report it and, in some cases, provided a fix.”

Kodi 18.4 update can be downloaded by everyone who uses Kodi on the software’s website. The software is available for Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, Raspberry Pi, iOS and other users. However, Android users will need to wait for the official update to appear on Google Play Store, as well as Microsoft Store, as developers said in the release.

The patch notes of Kodi can be checked on release notes, while the comparison between version 18.4 and 18.3 can be checked on Kodi’s official GitHub page. If you still haven’t gotten the new Kodi Leia update, head over here.

The official Kodi software is open-sourced for all users. However, it comes free of content so its users must use the content from different storage locations such as DVD, Blue-Ray or online. Kodi also supports a wide selection of third-party plugins that enhance the watching experience.

Be wary, however. Some plugins promote piracy and don’t stream free content. With that in mind, be careful about the content you browse and plugins you install, as Kodi doesn’t approve of pirated content.