The iOS 13 Touch ID bug affects users with the bank app

The iOS 13 Touch ID bug affects users with the bank app
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If you’ve already updated your system to iOS 13, you’ve got to be enjoying some great features on your iPhone, including the more eye-soothing dark theme, various performance improvements and other features. However, as 9to5Mac reports, an iOS 13 Touch ID bug has emerged, preventing users from using the bank app, or 1Password, or any other app that requires authentication through the Touch ID.

According to the report, Apple still hasn’t said anything about the issue, but the bug should be fixed after the iOS 13.1.1. Luckily, there’s a workaround for this issue, so you can easily continue using the bank app.

If your authentication app offers Face ID or Touch ID as available options to authenticate, you may be affected by this weird bug, which came with the new iOS 13.0 released on Sep. 24. The bug should be present through the iOS 13.1.1, the publication noted. This happens as the third-party apps, such as banking apps, use the system framework to read the fingerprint or face through the biometric authentication screen.

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There are several apps that require Touch ID to access them, such as Chase, Wells Fargo, 1Password and others. Even the apps that offer login security features are affected by this bug.

The problem is that the Touch ID alert, which is a notification prompting us to use our fingerprint to access our apps, is invisible. It is still actually there, but nothing is displayed on the screen indicating that we need to show our fingerprint.

How to fix the iOS 13 Touch ID bug?

Don’t worry, if you’re affected with this bug, there’s still a way for you to access your funds or other features of the banking app. The Touch ID dialog isn’t missing, it’s just invisible in terms of UI. The fix is easier than you may think; instead of quitting the app once the authentication dialog shows up, press your finger on the Home button anyway, and the app should successfully recognize your fingerprint.

While this bug can be extremely annoying, it doesn’t affect the device’s performance, only its UI. If the prompt-dialog would really be missing, that’d be a serious bug that would require immediate attention. Fortunately, most seasoned bank app users already have their fingers ready to put on the Home button, activating the homepage before they are stunned by the missing prompt.

The report also states that shaking your device mysteriously causes the alert to become visible again on the screen. That said, it’s unclear when Apple will fix this bug, and whether it’ll even publicly announce it, given it affects third-party apps.

What about the Face ID users?

The dialog prompt for iPhones with the Face ID users deploys a different API so the newer iPhones don’t suffer from this issue. That said, only users with iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are affected with the iOS 13 Touch ID bug. Older iPhones sporting the Touch ID aren’t included in the iOS 13 update.

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