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How You Can Get An iPhone 11 For $399 Or Even Less

2019 iPhones will be up for pre-order starting today. This year’s iPhone is special as the starting price of $699 is much less than what many expected. Moreover, you can bring this cost down even further, to as low as $399 or even less. In this article, we will tell you how you can get an iPhone 11 for $399 or less.

How can you get an iPhone 11 for $399?

You can get an iPhone 11 for $399 or less if you have an eligible iPhone to trade in. This year, even Apple really wants you to upgrade to the new iPhones. If you visit the pre-order page on Apple’s website, the very first question you will come across is, “Do you have an iPhone to trade in?”

So, if you have an eligible iPhone to trade in, you can significantly reduce the price of the new iPhone 11. Talking of how you can get the iPhone 11 for $399, you must have an iPhone 8 Plus in good condition. If you have an eligible iPhone 8 Plus, then you can get a $300 credit, bringing the cost of the iPhone 11 down to $399.

Apart from the iPhone 8 Plus, you can also trade in other iPhones, from an iPhone SE to the iPhone XS Max. If you have an iPhone XS Max, then you can get the iPhone 11 for even less than $399. Or, if you have an iPhone X in good condition, then you can get the iPhone 11 for $299.

It is possible that you may get more value from your old iPhone by selling it on some other site, but the benefit with Apple is the convenience. Apple makes it very easy to trade in the old iPhone and apply the credit to the new one.

How to trade in your old iPhone?

Visit Apple’s trade-in website, and enter the details of the phone you have. You can trade in a non-iPhone as well. After you have entered the details, such as the model number, date of purchase and more, you will be asked about the condition of the device. Good condition means if the phone turns on and off, cameras and buttons work and there are no scratches.

After this, the webpage will give you the estimated trade-in value. Based on the phone you are trading in, you can get up to $600 in credit. If you accept it, you will be able to redeem the amount for an Apple gift card or as a credit in the App Store. You can trade any iPhone from the iPhone 6s to the iPhone XS Max.

After you accept the trade-in offer, you will be asked to take a back up of your device and format it before sending it to Apple. You will get a shipping label and kit, or you will be asked to take it to the nearest Apple Store. If you are shipping the device, then it may take about two to three weeks for the whole process. On the other hand, if you are taking it to an Apple Store, then the process will be completed quickly.

It must be noted that Apple’s trade-in program is not just limited to phones. You can also get as much as $1,400 for an Apple computer, up to $100 for an Apple Watch, or up to $335 for an iPad. You can redeem the credit to buy any new Apple device.

iPhone upgrade plan and carrier discount

If you don’t have an iPhone to trade in, you can go for the iPhone upgrade program. This program also subsidizes the cost of the new iPhone, but it restricts you to the Apple ecosystem. It is also an interest free option that gives you the option to upgrade halfway through. All you have to do is select the model and go through a quick credit check.

Once approved, you will be able to spread the cost of the iPhone and AppleCare+ coverage over 24 months. Moreover, you will have the option to upgrade if you have paid twelve monthly installments. Once you upgrade, the 24 month clock starts all over again.

Apart from Apple, carriers are also offering incentives to encourage people to buy iPhones. The offers from carriers range from bonuses to discounts with trade-ins. These offers can help you get an iPhone 11 for $399 or less.

For instance, Verizon is offering up to $700 if you trade in your old phone for a new iPhone. This offer, however, is best for those you aren’t Verizon customers yet. To take advantage of the offer, you will have to open a Verizon unlimited line and buy the new phone on a device payment plan. You will get up to $500 in trade-in credit and a $200 prepaid card. If you get full credit, it will mean your iPhone 11 will be totally free.

Similarly, T-Mobile is giving all customers up to half off a new iPhone if they trade in older iPhones. This offer from the carrier is applicable even if you are currently on T-Mobile. The carrier has in place three different tiers of discounts depending on the iPhone you trade in.

Sprint with its Sprint Flex Lease program is also giving new customers a chance to save big on iPhone 11. Anyone switching to Sprint and trading in iPhone 7 or newer can preorder iPhone 11 for $0 per month after $29.17 monthly bill credits.

Update: the article has been updated with the Sprint Flex Lease program.