Game Of Consoles 2019: All Major Computer Games This Year


In June, Los Angeles once again held an “E3” -an exhibition of achievements of the game economy, which traditionally showed what and how you will play in online gclub.

This year, “E3” turned out to be a detailed prologue to “E3 2020” — that’s when the “PlayStation” and “Xbox” of the next generation will be shown, as well as games developed for them. In the meantime, video game industry is intense anticipation, squeezing the last juice from the “PlayStation 4” and “Xbox One” and waiting for the annual releases of game series like “Call of Duty.” Moreover, “Sony” skipped “E3 2019”, promising to show the “PlayStation 5” (or as it will be truly called) at a separate event next spring.

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Major games

Undoubtedly, "Cyberpunk 2077" (role-playing shooter from the authors of "The Witcher") cleaned everyone's clock during "E3-2019". The game was shown at a press conference of "Microsoft" with the participation of the invited star Keanu Reeves, who immediately made the entire hall and millions of viewers around the world hysterical. He will be present in the game in a digital form as an imaginary friend of the protagonist, accompanying him to the final credits. Judging by the hour-long demo of "Cyberpunk 2077" shown behind closed doors, it will be a great game. A huge world without a single loading screen. Branching tree of character improvements, allowing you to do anything: remotely crack grenades in enemy pockets, tear the armored enemies with bare hands, stop the time, drive any vehicle, etc. There are dialog options, depending on the features of your character and implants installed. In short, if the "Witcher-3" and the very first "Deus Ex" had a smart and beautiful child, it would be "Cyberpunk 2077".

Oddly enough, the second important game of the exhibition is also associated with cyberpunk. It is called "Watch Dogs: Legion." As in the first two games of the series "Watch Dogs," you can hack into the city's infrastructure and ruin the plans of malicious techno corporations. But there is also an important innovation: "Legion" is allowed to recruit any character encountered into their hacker group. Demo, in which the English granny remotely opens the security system, takes place in the subway without a ticket and shoots the opponent's head from a huge gun, was very popular. The action takes place in London, and the number 3 in the title is not accidental — this is a separate game, and you don't need to know about the first two.

It is also impossible not to mention the terrible greatness of "Doom Eternal," the direct sequel of "Doom 2016". It's an absolutely perfect shooter: crazy speed, the hordes of hellish demons, fierce firelight and cheerful sadism with fountains of enemy blood.

Studio "ID Software" respects its own creative heritage from 30 years ago. "Eternal" can be called a free remake of "Doom II: Hell on Earth." Part of the action takes place on the Earth, captured by demons (other parts happened in hell and even in paradise). Note that the weapon from "Doom Eternal" has not only a canonical chainsaw but also a new energy blade. We're not even sure how the game did without it earlier.