Getting Bored? These Fun Games You Can Play With Alexa

Getting Bored? These Fun Games You Can Play With Alexa
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Amazon Alexa can do quite a few things for you, such as playing your favorite music, controlling other smart gadgets, reminders and more. Apart from this, it can do a lot more, including playing games when you have nothing else to do or you are getting bored. There are not one or two, but many fun games you can play with Alexa.

Fun games you can play with Alexa

Many of the fun games you can play with Alexa are simple, while some are challenging. You can play all types of games with Alexa ranging from sports to adventure. These games have the potential to keep you busy for hours. However, the fact is they are equally fun no matter if you are playing alone or with your friends.

Some of the most popular fun games you can play with Alexa are:

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Dungeon Adventure – it is a role playing game where Alexa acts as the Dungeon Master. In the game, you are the hero of a town called Ravensburg. The town is under attack from monsters, and your task is to fight these monsters and hunt for the treasure. This game is free to play, and can be activated using the command, “Alexa, start Dungeon Adventure.”

Bingo – it is a classic game that never grows old. To play the game, you will need number cards, which you can easily download for free from sites like Alexa repeats the number twice, and you can also view the number from within the Alexa app. The game ends when someone says, “Bingo.” The command to activate the game is, “Alexa, open Bingo.”

Beat the Dealer (blackjack) – those who love gambling games will love this game too. To activate the game, you will have to say “Alexa, ask the dealer to deal” or “Alexa, ask the dealer to deal the cards” or “Alexa, ask the dealer to play blackjack.” Once the game is on, Alexa will tell you the cards that you have. You will have to say “hit” until you believe your cards will beat the ones that the dealer is holding.

Jack Ryan: November Morning – this game in based on the Amazon Prime Video’s Jack Ryan series. There are five levels in the game where you have to solve puzzles to advance further in the game. You play the character of “November” in the game. The command to start the game is, “Alexa, open Jack Ryan.”

Escape the Room – in this game, you will have to search a cyber “space,” find items, and solve puzzles to escape from imprisonment. Presently, the game offers three escape rooms with varying levels of difficulty – car (hardest), office (medium), jail cell (easiest). There is also a bonus garage room escape level. To launch the game, you will have to say, “Alexa, open Escape the Room.”

Tic Tac Toe – you could play the game either by drawing a board yourself physically, or if you have a sharp memory you can imagine the board in your head. Alexa will speak out its moves, and you have to speak your moves as well, such as saying “Top left” or “Bottom.” The command to launch the game is “Alexa, ask Tic Tac Toe to start a new game by taking the center” or “Alexa, ask Tic Tac Toe for a game.”

Would You Rather – this is a party game featuring a series of strange and entertaining questions. The game forces you to decide between two options. This game moves fast, and Alexa will know if the answer you gave is not complete. You can play the game alone as well. To activate the solo version, you will have to say, “Alexa, play Would You Rather” while the command for the normal version is, “Alexa, launch Would You Rather.”

The Magic Door – this is one of the most interactive adventure games that you can play with Alexa. The game places you in a magical land filled with magical creatures and hidden items. You will have to go through the original stories and solve puzzles using in-game tips. To activate the game, you will have to say, “Alexa, open The Magic Door.”

Rock Paper Scissors – you can challenge Alexa to play Rock Paper Scissors with you. Before you play this game, you should know that Alexa won’t keep a record of who won the game. You can play the more advanced version Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock as well. If you play the advanced version, Alexa will explain how you won or lost and keep track of your number of wins. The command to open the game is, “Alexa, open Lizard Spock.”

Apart from the games mentioned above there are more fun games you can play with Alexa, such as Akinator, Jeopardy With Alexa, Hunt the Yeti, Earplay, Beat the Intro, Yes Sire, The Wayne Investigation and more.

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