Best and worst travel destinations by relationship status

Almost 75% of people have been on holiday in the last 12 months, but how much do we actually spend on our holidays? has conducted a new survey to see how people’s holidays change with their relationship status, how much they spend on their holidays and what they argue about while they’re abroad.

The survey investigates a variety of metrics, including age, relationship status, ideal holiday partner and what makes an unforgettable getaway!

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Key findings on relationship status include:

  • 23% of Married Couples Argue About Money on Holiday - All relationship types have an average budget of £1,000 per person for a week-long holiday, including all costs and spending money. However, agreeing on a budget isn’t always easy and can easily end up in an argument if the money is coming out of a shared account
  • 55% Buy Travel Insurance the Day Before They Fly - Better safe than sorry, travel insurance is always good to have on hand. However, over half of travellers leave it to the very last minute to get one. The survey also finds that 58% of holiday-goers withdraw cash before flying
  • Londoners Worry the Most About Money: While Londoners are willing to spend £400 more than the average per holiday, they are also the group in the UK that worries the most about money when they’re travelling (17%)

Where To Make Waves With Your Lover Or Bury Your Relationship Status In The Sand

  • Research matchmakes the best and worst holiday destinations around the world, from road trips in the US to beautiful beach towns in Italy
  • There must be something in the water in Majorca as travellers remain “committed” to Spain which tops the list as the most popular destination for all relationship types
  • Making the case for splitting up? Packing is the main reason for arguments while on holiday

Happily single, honeymooning or heartbroken? has conducted a new survey to find the best locations around the world for travellers depending on their relationship status and what they argue about abroad.

The study investigates a variety of metrics, including age, relationship status, ideal holiday partner and what makes an unforgettable getaway!

Most Popular Destinations by Relationship Stage

While all relationship stages have bonded with Benidorm and Barcelona, the more seasoned couples prefer the quaint cities and towns of France as their holiday destination. Singletons, daters and married couples choose adventure in the US for their trips abroad. While those in a complicated relationship hope Italy will be more a case of make - than break - for their blossoming or rocky coupledom.

Therapist Sally Baker understands the draw of Spain for loved up couples: ”The familiarity of Spain in our national psyche means it provides the perfect backdrop for couples who just want to focus on themselves and spend time relaxing together.”

Trouble in Paradise

However, after spending weeks or even months planning that perfect holiday, it doesn’t always turn out as we had hoped.

  • A surprising 44% of daters have been on holidays that negatively affected their romantic relationships - 13% of which were in Italy
  • Holidays abroad have left 36% of travellers aged 25-34 broken hearted
  • Across all the different relationship types, 82% said they have never been on a holiday that negatively affected their relationship

The Most Common Arguments on Holiday

Packing is the main reason for arguments between people on holiday, with almost 20% admitting they argue about what to pack or leaving something important behind. Directions and which activities to do are also common disagreements for holiday goers.

City break-ups: Therapist Sally Baker says couples put too much pressure on seeing all the cultural sights when they’re travelling: “What happens is that the holiday turns into an argumentative route march in FOMO that can only ever end in exhaustion and argument.”

While alcohol intake and spending habits are common reasons for disagreements on holiday for a lot of people, surprisingly newlyweds are twice as likely as any other group to argue about sex while they’re away, and men are most likely to initiate that conversation.

Here's what makes a great holiday, according to each relationship status stage

Over 50% of people say relaxation is their main reason for going on holiday, with price of flight and accommodation being the two most important factors when choosing their destination. While singletons prefer travelling with friends, married couples and people in a relationship prefer going on holiday with their romantic partner. Divorcees prefer spending time with their families while travelling.

Spending habits are quite similar across all relationship types, with an average budget of £1,000 per person for a week-long holiday, including all costs and spending money. While those in a complicated relationship are the most willing to fork out on a week abroad, agreeing on a budget isn’t always easy, and 23% of married couples say money is the main reason for their arguments on holiday.

Here are the arguments you’re most likely to have if you’re single, married or divorced:

To see how our holiday habits change with every relationship status, see the full study on

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