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Hong Kong crowned best street food city

Cities were ranked on number of street food vendors, affordability, number of street food experiences and sanitation. 

According to research conducted by My Late Deals, Hong Kong is the best city for street food.


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The city topped the Street Food Index, beating competition from Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh.

The Street Food City Index 2019 ranks the top 30 cities in the world for food obsessed travellers.

The Index ranks the cities on 4 parameters: number of these vendors, affordability, number of street food experiences/tours and sanitation.

Hong Kong was followed by Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Singapore, Mumbai, Rome, Tel Aviv, Sydney, Mexico City, with Portland rounding out the top 10.

Hong Kong is #1

The city topped the 2019 ranking thanks to its high number of  these stalls and experiences and high levels of sanitation. Street food is also reasonably cheap in Hong Kong costing around £5.

Some of the food you can try in Hong Kong include: dim sum, curry fishballs and cheung fun.

Bangkok came second on the list as its home to the cheapest street food (with an average cost of just £1.61) and the second highest number of street food experiences available in the list. It also scored high marks in number of these vendors but drops points on sanitation.

Some of the food you can try in Bangkok include: pad thai, khao niao mamuang and tom yum goong.

Sitting in third place is Ho Chi Minh which gets top marks for number of street food experiences and high marks for affordability (with an average cost of just £1.77) and number of vendors but like Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh lost marks for sanitation.

Some of the food you can try in Ho Chi Minh include: pho, banh mi and goi cuon.

Singapore takes fourth spot thanks to its high levels of sanitation and number of street food experiences. It also scores highly on number of vendors but loses points on affordability with an average cost of £7.10.

Some of the food you can try in Singapore include: char kway teow, kaya toast and laksa.

In fifth place is Mumbai. The city scored top marks in vendors with the highest number on the list. It also scored well on affordability (with an average price of just £3.43) and street food experiences. It scored lower on the sanitation aspect.

Some of the food you can try in Mumbai include: vada pav, bhelpuri and pav bhaji.

The current top 30 street food cities have been listed below:

1 – Hong Kong

Score: 93

2 – Bangkok 

Score: 90

3- Ho Chi Minh 

Score: 89

4 – Singapore 

Score: 86

5 – Mumbai 

Score: 78

6 – Rome

Score: 76

7 – Tel Aviv 

Score: 73

8 – Sydney 

Score: 72

9 – Mexico City 

Score: 70

10 – Portland 

Score: 69

11 – Seoul 

Score: 68

11 – Beijing 

Score: 68

13 – Berlin 

Score: 67

14 – Paris 

Score: 66

15 – Istanbul

Score: 65

16 – Palermo 

Score: 65

16 – Penang 

Score: 63

18 – Tokyo

Score: 61

19 – New Orleans

Score: 60

19 – Kuala Lumpur 

Score: 60

21 – Cartagena 

Score: 59

22 – Port Louis

Score: 58

22: Honolulu

Score: 58

24 – Taipei

Score: 49

25 – Marrakech 

Score: 48

26 – Rio 

Score: 45

27 – New York

Score: 43

27 – Durban

Score: 43

29 – Kingston 

Score: 39

30 – Dakar

Score: 27

Street food full index


The thirty cities were selected after reviewing numerous ‘best street food cities’ lists and included those cities that appeared more than once.

To get a figure for the number of street food vendors in each location My Late Deals analysed the data in Google Maps.

My Late Deals used Numbeo to find out the current price of an inexpensive meal in each city.

Viator was used to find out the number of street tours available in each city.

Data from unicef was used to rank the countries by sanitation.

Each city was ranked in each factor and given a score from 0 to 30 (30 being the highest score, 0 being the lowest). The maximum total score would therefore be 120.

More information about the index and the full list of 30 cities can be viewed here.