These Are The Best Places To Sell Used Electronics

These Are The Best Places To Sell Used Electronics
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One thing that is always changing in our modern world is technology. The emergence of new technology makes our current gadgets obsolete, thus, encouraging us to upgrade to the newer models – Apple’s iPhone is a good example of that. We usually trade in our old phones or gadgets when we buy the new ones. What if your current gadget is not eligible to trade in? In such a case, you have one more viable option, i.e., to sell your old gadget, and there are plenty of places to sell used electronics.

Why you should sell used electronics?

Selling or trading in your used electronics could help you to subsidize the cost of the new gadget that you buy. Even if you are not buying any new gadget, getting rid of unused electronics helps you get some extra cash. Moreover, selling old devices frees you from the growing pile of electronic items that are no longer needed. Also, selling old items is a better option than throwing out or recycling them.

There are plenty of places to sell used electronics if you are not trading in your old electronics. Many of these places may even offer a better price than what you were offered if you traded in your device. Also, these places save you from many of the hassles, such as visiting the pawn shop, paying for shipping, negotiating the price and more.

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When you sell old electronics items on such websites, they might end up with a company that is looking for repair parts, or you might be selling directly to those looking for used inexpensive products. No matter where the product you sell ends up, it is always recommended that you check out these sites first before deciding on what to do with your old or used electronics.

Now that you know the benefits of selling old electronics, lets talk about the places to sell used electronics.

Places to sell used electronics

Decluttr – you can sell (and also buy) any new and old electronics items on this site. The site pays you a day after they get the item. Moreover, the shipments are insured for free. The seller is guaranteed the first price they are quoted. If they are unable to pay the quoted price, the item is shipped back for free.

“You’re guaranteed to get the first price we offer with our Tech Price Promise or you can request your item back for FREE!” the site says. After you confirm the order, you can print a shipping label to attach it to your shipment, and send it off for free.

Amazon – it is among the most popular places to buy and sell electronics to other customers. There is also an option to sell the electronics to Amazon directly for which you get a gift card in return. To sell to Amazon, all you have to do is enter the details of your electronic item and then select the condition. Amazon will then make an offer, and once you select it, you will get a shipping label for the item.

If the product shipped matches your description, Amazon will credit your Amazon account with a gift card matching the offer amount. Moreover, if Amazon finds that the condition of the item is better than what you described, then you will get more than what was earlier offered.   

Nextworth – this site will pay you either via PayPal or a check for some Apple products. To sell your product, you will have to answer a few questions about your electronic item. After this, Nextworth will make you an offer, and once you accept it, you get a prepaid shipping label. Once Nextworth gets your device, it will verify your claims. If there is any discrepancy, you will have the option to either accept the revised offer or get the device back.

BuyBackWorld – this site buys back more than 30,000 products. If you don’t find the product that you want to sell, then the site will give you a custom quote. Here also you will have to answer a few questions about the item. The information asked is pretty straightforward, such as, for the condition of the item you will have to choose from Poor/Broken, Average, Excellent or New. You can even request a free shipping kit, including a bubble wrap pack.

Gazelle – this site also offers cash for electronics, but may not accept all brands. It primarily deals in products from Apple, Samsung and Sony. Once you get the offer price, you will have to enter the relevant information, and the site will send you a box for free shipping. The site pays via Amazon gift card, PayPal or check. In some places, it also offers self-service kiosks (in the UK), where you get instant payment for the item you drop in.

Apart from these five, there are more places to sell used electronics, such as iGotOffer, Alibaba, Swappa, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and OfferUp.

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