Fortnite Season 10: How You Can Build Inside Tilted Town

build inside Tilted Town fortnite season 10

Image Source: Epic Games (screenshot)

Fortnite Season 10 has been around for a week now, and one of the biggest changes that it comes along with is transforming Neo Tilted into Tilted Town. Moreover, Epic also designed the town in a way that no one is allowed to build or destroy anything in this new place. However, players have found ways that allows them to build inside Tilted Town.

In Fortnite Season 10, when you drop into the Fortnite map, you will notice a giant dome surrounding the Tilted Town area. Once you are inside, you will realize that you can’t build or farm for materials, and thus, rely on traditional gunplay to weed out enemies. However, Fortnite players are currently sharing exploits that can be used to build inside Tilted Town.

Currently, there are two ways making the rounds on social media that allows you to build inside Tilted Town.

The first method is building a platform outside the edge of the town. You will have to build into the dome where one platform is half-in, and then edit the platform to remove the corner inside the dome. This would allow the edit to push you in, and once you are inside, you will be able to build throughout Tilted Town.

This sounds simple, but it’s not, as you will need some precision in editing and placement. Also, do remember to carry a stockpile of mats because you won’t be able to farm any more in there.

Another method that allows you to build inside Tilted Town requires a hoverboard. All you have to do is shoot the hoverboard into the area while standing on the vehicle on the edge of the border. Once you cross the Tilted Town barrier, and if you are wearing the same skin as before, you will be able to build inside Tilted Town.

As of now, there are no comments from Epic if (or when) it will be fixing these exploits. We expect it to fix it soon as this is something that Epic hasn’t intended for Tilted Town. So, take the benefit of this flaw as long as you can. One thing that you now will have to take care of is when you see a player in the dome in a normal Fortnite skin, think twice before challenging them.

When a player goes into Tilted Town, they automatically get a special appearance to go along with the theme. They also get a message pop up, saying “Welcome to Tilted Town. No buildin’, no breakin’” along with a little chime of Old West-style music.

This is the first time in the game’s history, when Epic has officially blocked two of the main mechanics of the game – building and breaking. Tilted Town appeared after a giant time portal-like thing (Rift Zone) appeared around Neo Tilted and transported the area back in time to the Old West. This transformed a futuristic metropolis into an old-fashioned jail.

“A Rift Zone has turned this location into what it was many years in the past: a Wild West settlement. What’s even wilder than this western twist is that building and harvesting are prohibited,” Epic says.

Epic has littered the town with loot, ranging from shields to bandages and all types of weapons. Several weapons that go along the theme of the area have been unvaulted as well, such as Hunting Rifle, Six Shooter and Double Barrel Shotgun.

From the outset, Tilted Town may appear like any other Fortnite city, but after you spend some time in the town, you will realize that the rules (many of which players have found a way to overcome) that apply here are much different. A player needs advanced planning to fight in this area, unlike improvisation and quick thinking in other areas.

For example, for going to the second floor in any other area, you can simply break the floor above and create a staircase up. Such a tactic won’t work in Tilted Town, and you will have to use real stairs. However, you can avoid the stairs by using the exploit mentioned above. Tilted Town is slightly smaller than the usual Fortnite town, resulting in more hectic fights. Also, the fight is more intense as players can’t build walls to cover their retreat.

With Fortnite Season 10, Epic has also made available the automatic sniper rifle. Epic says that the new weapon will come in handy when you plan to tackle your enemies from a distance. The automatic sniper rifle can be found on Vending Machine, Supply Drop, Loot Carrier pickups, Floor and Chest. Moreover, the rifle is available in Rare, Epic and Legendary variants. It can shoot four rounds per second and bullets travel comparatively faster.