Download Galaxy Note 10 Wallpapers Here Now [LINKS]

The Galaxy Note 10 is still 10 days away from release, but if you want a small taste of Samsung’s newest flagship device, you can already download the wallpapers that will be available on it. Several links to download the Galaxy Note 10 wallpapers are circulating now, so we have multiple options for you to pick from.

The new wallpapers are similar to the wallpapers Apple included with the iPhone XR, which are colorful bubbles. However, Samsung’s are brighter and more pastel than Apple’s wallpapers. Samsung’s wallpapers also differ from Apple’s in that the bubbles aren’t perfect circles. They almost seem to wiggle as they float through the air. Samsung has also included one wallpaper for those who prefer to use a dark theme on their handset.

Max J. from All About Samsung tweeted a link for those who want to download the Galaxy Note 10 wallpapers. He pulled the wallpapers off a review unit of the device. We’ve included all the download links for the wallpapers at the bottom of this article.

The wallpapers all have a resolution of 3,040 x 3,040, which matches the resolution of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. However, they should work just fine on devices with smaller resolutions, which covers almost every other smartphone due to the Note 10 Plus’ massive 6.8-inch size. Nonetheless, to see the wallpapers in their full glory, you will need to have a Note 10 Plus.

For your ease, the link to the Google Drive folder containing the wallpapers can be found here. If you don’t want to download the Galaxy Note 10 wallpapers in a single .zip file, you can also download them individually via this Google Drive folder here. However, this second folder seems to lack the live wallpapers. Four of the wallpapers were designed by DeX. To download the DeX wallpapers individually, click here.

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