Case Maker Is Betting On iPhone 11 Pro, Pro Max Names

Case Maker Is Betting On iPhone 11 Pro, Pro Max Names
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Apple is still probably about a month away from revealing the iPhone 11 line-up, so we don’t technically know the names of this year’s models. One case maker is apparently guessing at the names of this year’s line-up. The company has reportedly printed documents referring to the iPhone 11 names.

According to documentation from case maker ESR seen by the French-language website iPhonesoft, the names of this year’s models will be the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The iPhone 11 will reportedly replace the iPhone 11R some have been suggesting. The iPhone XS could be succeeded by the iPhone 11 Pro, while the iPhone XS Max could be succeeded by the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

We must emphasize that this is purely a rumor at this stage. The case maker could be wrong about the iPhone 11 names, or it might indeed have some inside information about what Apple is planning. The company does work with case makers to have cases ready to go when new devices launch, so it is possible.

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Case makers are often correct when it comes to their predictions based on leaks, but they aren’t always 100% accurate. 9to5Mac explains that when case makers end up with incorrectly branded cases, they usually sell through the inventory they have and then rush to correct the packaging and branding for their other cases. In an opinion piece, 9to5Mac said they do believe the report about the iPhone 11 names, although the names aren’t exactly beautiful, especially in the case of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which is indeed quite a mouthful.

There are some other tidbits to be gleaned from ESR’s leaked documentation beyond just the iPhone 11 names. The case maker is apparently assuming that this year’s three models will have the same dimensions as last year’s line-up. That means the iPhone 11 will be 6.1-inches in size, while the iPhone 11 Pro will be 5.8 inches, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max will be 6.5 inches.

The design of the cases also back up the long-time rumors about a square-shaped bump on the back of the devices.

The report about the iPhone 11 names isn’t the only supposed leak we’re hearing about today. BGR pointed to an email of supposedly leaked information from a Foxconn employee, which was posted on Antutu’s Chinese-language blog. The new leak offers quite a few details we haven’t heard before, like that there will be four colors instead of just three. The Foxconn employee claims a dark green variant will be added to the Space Gray, Silver and Gold options.

The person also claims the phone’s backing has a matte finish and no longer has the word “iPhone” printed on it. That could line up with what TF International Securities Ming-Chi Kuo said about a “frosted glass” back instead of clear glass, depending on how it’s implemented. However, it seems strange that Apple would remove the word “iPhone” from the back of the device since its brand is everything.

Apple is expected to reveal this year’s new iPhone models on Sept. 10 or 11 and possibly put them on sale on Sept. 20.

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