Carl Icahn: Stock Holding In Cloudera; Occidental-Anadarko Deal

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Activist investor Carl Icahn joins “Fast Money Halftime Report” to give comments on his stock holding in Cloudera Inc (NYSE:CLDR).

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Carl Icahn on his 12.6% stock holding in Cloudera

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Carl Icahn says Occidental CEO 'rushed the deal' with Anadarko

Activist investor Carl Icahn joins 'Fast Money Halftime Report' to give comments on the Occidental-Anadarko deal.


You mentioned the performance versus the XLE. You know, there are those who say a better representation of how the stock is performed is looking at it versus the XOP. And you know, what oil has been doing recently, as the stocks have been a mess. And if you look over the more recent history, it hasn't performed as badly as say, do the broader market has, in some cases over whatever time period you may be looking at, it's performed a little bit better, it's been a tough environment.

Well, hold on, hold on, Scott, I just like to disagree with respectfully with what you just said, this company, promising shoulders that we're going to be there a large, large company that comes off Chevron, Exxon, shell, those are the comps to this company, that was the constant want to be believed that comfortable to and if you look at those comps, those columns have not done badly. And by the way, he might not have done badly, if she didn't make one mistake after another. And, and, and under chasing the CEO before, they were doing pretty good. I mean, she took a company that was way up. And she, I think, has helped to destroy it. Now, I'm not going to go and argue about her competencies of engineer. And therefore, I'm not going to in any way try to micromanage this company, or do what micromanage most of the companies we've been involved with. And I think model has worked for me, I don't want to have to really defend my model. I think if you look at the hundreds of companies we've been in, shall benefit by over a trillion dollars. But I think partially by being involved with partially partially that we've been involved. So I'm not going to apologize for that. But you tell me why they refuse to put us on the board. If we're on the board, we are good See that? Something like this does not occur again, without a board but without a shadow of the ball. Right? Well, let me just finish.

Okay. Also, we believe that the reason they did this was to keep the shell just for the knowing that there was another suit around. That's what I believe. And if there is another suit around, I want the shareholders to see

an offer made by that sooner, rather than hide it up to the rug, which I'm sure this board will do. This boy has not acted in the best interest of shells. That's as simple as that. So they you know, you asked why won't they put your your folks on the board, they say that they're not qualified. That's number one. And the reason why you didn't get the shareholder vote was and what really sticks in your craw about this whole thing is the Buffett deal that the company made with him $10 billion, and they gave him warrants in response of that. And you've criticized that heavily.

Well, wait a minute. That's absurd. They didn't have to give Laura line. I mean, Warren did a great job herself with Berkshire, you respect that. But they did have to give him a billion dollar gift. They just they just wanted to they just want to raise $50 billion yesterday before 5050 billion was oversubscribed. But 75 billion, so they could have easily got that money anyway. It just she just rushed out in a panic a bit, but she has no experience with m&a. So what the hell is she doing? We'll see.

She would say that maybe you know, she's an operator. She focuses on the operation.

But she went to Omaha to make this deal will pop in 90 minutes. Buffett did the deal. Usually Buffett goes with Charlie Charlie Monica before he did a deal. He didn't even bother with this one. He just did the deal in 90 minutes. So, you know, the whole thing is a travesty.

You got you intimated in a in an either an interview or a letter that you knew of somebody who would give the financing without the warrants. Who was that?

Well, I'm not gonna I'm not going to divulge that but I definitely know somebody. Okay. I would have done it. Okay.

That makes it did you make any kind of offer?

I didn't know about it. It was a secret you ran up to me. She just caught me anyway, obviously. I don't think I'm on a favorite list.

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