Call Centers In The Philippines – Next Level Outsourcing

Call Centers In The Philippines – Next Level Outsourcing
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While many entrepreneurial endeavors in recent years have led to struggles and financial strife, there are some industries that are thriving around the world. Since 2015, as documented by the L.A. Times, the Philippines have been cemented as the call center capital of the world. Surpassing all rivals and competition, they are truly on top when it comes to call center outsourcing and employing skilled communications service individuals.

The industry now employs close to 1.5 million people and drives the country into the world economy with impressive force. The Philippines have flourished in a globalized marketplace, with their call centers and other outsourcing organizations creating an actual economic boom, where other parts of the world have experienced recessions and problems.

In 2010, the Philippines surpassed India as world’s leading contact center and outsourcing destination. It is no surprise that since the start of the past decade, their economy is on the upswing and climbing ever-closer towards the sun.

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Their figurative ‘wings’ that might as well be made of money, have carried the Philippines into the forefront of the global marketplace, without burning up in the sun. This is an impressive feat, no doubt, but not a surprise to any well-informed economist. With modern omnichannel contact centers doing way more than simply receiving customer phone calls, the Philippines have set a new standard for communication expertise.

There are too many successful omnichannel contact centers to even count, but one comes to mind first. Managing not just phones, but emails, web chats, social media, and other business processes, the outsourcing firms of the Philippines have taken the concept of a “call center” to a whole new level.

The manner in which corporations process orders and applications, moderate online content, detect fraud, and process data have been forever changed by the legacy of the Philippines’ call centers. This may not be news to you, but it is important to remember how much technology has changed an adapted over the past ten years or so, while the Philippines have remained steadfast, at the cutting edge of the growing industry.

As the Chicago Tribune explained, the United States was the first to truly recognize the potential of the Philippines, with many American based companies placing their trust in the contact center outsourcing organizations before other regions of the world followed suit.

Once everyone saw how well it worked when America took that initial risk, they got on board. As it turns out, putting their faith in the Philippines was not a risk at all for companies of the west. Contact centers are growing more and more important as customers have more diverse options, the business to consumer relationship is more important now than ever.

Why did the Philippines become the call center outsourcing capital of the world? Well, following the number trails is tricky, but more than the economic patterns, an underlying cultural synergy between the Philippines and the rest of the world has ensured their insurmountable success. It is more than just cutting costs for big corporations and small businesses alike, the industry has introduced some new ideas that will develop more as we move into a new decade.

The world is looking to the completely changed “call center” industry of the Philippines now. Any business professional with common sense would start doing their research on the booming marketplace there.

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