How Is AI Shaping Our Online Experience?

How Is AI Shaping Our Online Experience?
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Every day, AI is changing the way that we experience the world around us. When we navigate to a website from a search engine, order a pizza online, buy a new sofa, or search for flight prices, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is shaping how we behave online. AI is changing the way that we live online, and consequently, how we experience our daily lives.

Voice assistants such as  Siri and Alexa are the obvious examples, but there are hundreds of other ways that AI is being used online. Have you received advice or information from a chatbot recently? That’s AI. Spoken to customer service about a delayed order or product defect? Ditto.


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So, what is AI – and how is it shaping our online experience?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The term artificial intelligence (AI) refers to software and programming techniques that allow computer systems to effectively and intuitively interact with human users. AI is ‘taught’ by the ways in which you interact with it – the AI collects data about how you behave online, analyzes it, and then feeds back into what it already knows. This system allows AI to ‘learn’ over time.

Consider facial recognition software – this is one of the most common forms of AI, currently utilised by many smartphones. With every new face scanned by the program, it learns more and more about facial features. Over time, it can become more accurate at recognising specific people.

AI is used to improve user experience

AI is able to improve user experience in a variety of ways, including:

  • Chatbots that are available 24/7 to answer questions and improve functionality
  • Personalizing the sales experience so that users see what they want to see, when they want to see it
  • Suggesting products and information that can streamline the sales process
  • Predicting behavior so that email reminders and marketing information are sent at the right time

Chatbots can help users in many ways

Chatbots are one of the most common forms of AI that users will interact with. When you navigate to certain websites, a chat window might pop up, offering you some personalised information. What you might not realise is that this chat box is manned by a ‘robot’ – a software program that has been designed to interact with users all over the world.

Chatbots are designed to deal with typical customer service requests and questions, and can do a great job at answering common questions. This cuts costs substantially, and saves the cost of hiring phone and online representatives.

While they can provide personalized service to a degree, at this point chatbots cannot deal with specialised requests or unique questions, and this can frustrate clients.

AI helps to remind customers about things they left behind

In addition to providing quality answers to specific questions, AI can further personalize online browsing habits. Using AI enhanced segmentation methods, eCommerce stores are able to send interested parties personalized emails. This means that people who have recently visited your store or abandoned a cart receive a highly personalized and targeted email, enticing them to complete the sales process.

AI can make high quality recommendations

AI allows websites to take their personalization strategies to the next level, creating an intuitive and highly responsive user experience based on available consumer information. Websites can use this in-depth insight to target clients even further, and help them to seek out products that might interest them. As users browse your company’s website, products and services that might interest them will pop up and send them alerts.

AI predicts unique consumer behaviors

When programmed in a dynamic and effective way, AI will enhance the ways that you understand your user’s experience on your website and e-commerce platform. AI assesses the pages on which users land, how long they spend there, and the products that interest them the most.

The more you are able to understand these insights, the better you can analyze and understand your ideal consumers’ mindsets and behaviours. This means that you can design marketing strategies that expertly cater to their needs and wants – and sell more of your product.

More and more companies are using AI methods

When combined with a comprehensive SEO plan, AI is a brilliant marketing strategy that includes personalized recommendations, chatbots, and consumer predictions.

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