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Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Key Economic Releases Top 10 Most Innovative Economies of 2019

Key Economic Releases Are Mixed As Stocks Advance On Friday

Commenting on today's trading with a focus on key economic releases Gorilla Trades strategist Ken Berman said: While the while stocks gave back their early gains...
Fannie Mae Freddie Mac

How Close Are Fannie And Freddie To Exiting Conservatorship?

The burning question where Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are concerned is when they will be exiting conservatorship. They've been under the purview of...
smart gun Gun Free Funds

BlackRock And Vanguard Rubber Stamp Boards Of Gun Manufacturers

BlackRock and Vanguard Rubber Stamp Boards of Gun Manufacturers, Shielding Them from Accountability on Public Safety, Corporate Governance, and Long-Term Investor Value NEW YORK-- In...
Odey Gold conventional risk

Four Of Odey’s Top 10 Positions Are Gold Or Precious Metals; Here’s Why

The Odey International Fund was down 1.59% for June following a commanding 12.14% gain in May. The fund gained 4.33% in the second quarter....
unlink facebook from instagram

How To Unlink Facebook From Instagram (You Can’t Actually Do It)

If you're trying to unlink your Facebook from your Instagram, you've probably seen a host of headlines which claim to tell you how to...
Imran Khan

Summary Of Imran Khan’s New York Times Article On Kashmir

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke out in support of residents of India-controlled Kashmir today during a national observance of Kashmir Hour. He also...
Federal Signal target-date Business Owner valuation adjustment Global Market Sell-Off .DJI Inclusive Theory Sky-High Correlations

Business Roundtable’s Statement On The Purpose Of Corporations

We at Activist Insight all agree that it’s been a busy summer, and plenty of advisers are telling us the same (hey, we’ve even...
Big Data Analytics

How Big Data Analytics Is Used In Stock Market

The scenario of the Stock Market is constantly moving as millions change hands in a second. Some of the people are getting highly rewarded...
Gator Updates Fannie

Gator Financial Partners Continues To Win On Fannie Mae Preferred Shares

Gator Financial Partners, which has enjoyed strong gains from its long positions in Fannie Mae preferred shares, was up 3.85% for the second quarter....
Top 10 Countries Best Prepared For Autonomous Vehicles

Top 10 Countries Best Prepared For Autonomous Vehicles

Almost every major technology and automobile company in the United States is investing heavily in autonomous driving technology. But there are a few countries...
Medical Debt

Stuck With Medical Debt? Try These 5 Payoff Hacks!

Do you ask about the pricing information before receiving care? Do you use a medical credit card? Here are some ideas to help you...
Qualivian Focus Fund

Qualivian Focus Fund: A Key Mental Model And its Applications to a Potential Investment

Qualivian Focus Fund letter to investors for the second quarter ended June 30, 2019. “Human nature desires quick results, there is a particular zest in...
torture in kashmir hour

Torture Reported In Kashmir, Pakistan Observes Kashmir Hour

Tensions continue in Kashmir as the communications blackout and movement restrictions remain in place more than three weeks after India stripped the region of...
Malicious Websites Have Been Hacking iPhones For Years: Google

What Is Jailbreaking And Is Jailbreaking An iPhone Legal?

Almost every iPhone user must have come across the term jailbreak at least once in their iPhone use so far. By chance if you...
Gold Strong

The White Metals Are Poised For Big Movements

Gold continues to show strength alongside silver which hit a two year high earlier this week. The white metals are poised for big movements...