Why Tulsi Gabbard Is The Best Presidential Candidate For 2020

Why Tulsi Gabbard Is The Best Presidential Candidate For 2020
United States Congress [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Tulsi  Gabbard is the first Hindu member of the United States Congress. She is an American politician who is a member of the Democratic Party. Recently, Gabbard became the first female combat veteran to run for the presidency. She is a war veteran and has served duty twice in the Middle East. Currently, Congresswoman Tulsi  Gabbard stands to be a major in the U.S. Army National  Guard. She has served in the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Armed Services Committee for over six years; during which she has been intimately involved with issues about national security.

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At the age of 21, Tulsi Gabbard became a part of the Hawaii State Legislature and further went on for two deployments as a soldier in the Hawaii Army. She is currently serving as a United States Congresswoman running for president for the 2020 presidential elections. Tulsi Gabbard is extremely outspoken about the need for change like wars. Therefore, she aims at putting an end to the wasteful wars and commits to protecting the planet and strengthening domestic affairs.

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She has been the talk of the hour at both national and international levels for her enigmatic presence and calm demeanor. Her views are centered on ideas of peace and development which are receiving much appreciation

Here are few strong reasons as to why Tulsi  Gabbard should win the Democratic nomination and presidential election in 2020:

Tulsi Gabbard - An experienced politician

Gabbard entered politics at a  young age and at age 21 went on to become the youngest person to be elected to the Hawaii State legislature. She Served in the House of Representatives as well as the US Senate. Tulsi was a member of the Honolulu City Council before serving in the House of Representatives. She served all these posts with integrity and gathered expertise and experience over the years to be able to stand at an educated position to act as the commander in chief of the nation.

Avoid military wars

Tulsi Gabbard joined the Hawaii Army National Guard in 2003. She served for two tour duties in the Middle East. During her deployments was exposed to combat zones in Iraq and Kuwait. Tulsi is the first woman to be adorned with honors from the Kuwait National Guard. He meritorious service earned her several laurels and adequate exposure to understand the affair of wars. Tulsi Gabbard recognizes the massive economic and social destruction wars are capable of bringing and thus gravitates towards the notions of peace and harmonious co-existence.

Tulsi Gabbard - Believes in change through progress

Gabbard's approach is an active form of adjustment which she intends to bring to the country. Gabbard actively carried out several measures like meeting with Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Asad in 2017 to bring form the cause of peace. She has strong stands on the foreign policy and opposes the regime change wars. She believes that Trump’s strategy of governance has proved to be counterproductive on various fronts. Gabbard thinks voting him out speaks more than an impeachment since the entire nation should come to understand what is needed to drive them to sustenance and stability.

Tulsi  Gabbard firmly believes that divineness and partisan politics should take a back. Therefore, she has been focusing on the more important issues impacting America. She is known for her brave acceptance of evolution in opinions about LGBTQ rights. Tulsi Gabbard is a supporter of same-gender marriages and showed her support towards transgender military troops. Her progressive and adaptive nature is what compels the world to believe in her ability to hold the strong position of President in 2020.

Conclusion - The case for Tulsi  Gabbard 2020

Thus, Tulsi  Gabbard is a promising chance for the national political scenario. Her modern and upright stand demonstrates that she isn’t afraid of taking strong actions when the situation calls for it. She isn’t merely an excellent spokesperson, her ideas have the ability to significantly impact change in the nation. With Tulsi Gabbard finally refocusing resources for the welfare of the people, she can steer the country in a different direction. In all her strong stands and peaceful measures, she indeed stands a strong chance of emerging as the president in 2020.

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  1. She could be a great candidate for 2024. I never thought a day would come for me to say that I will switch parties and I will vote republican in an election, and I never thought of that election being the 2020 one with our president running on the republican platform! Please, before attacking me, please hear my reasons: Take a look at what is happening with the yellow vest protests of Paris against President Macron. Look at the human cost of those protests (in terms of lives, lost opportunities, loss of revenues, etc) and extrapolate from their experience what could have happened if the same scenario would occur in the US, a country with almost one billion guns circulating in the hands of its residents, some of which–thanks to our president–are not on the streets shooting the rest of us, and are in a state of hypnosis, glued to the TV watching the entertaining show that has been going on since 2016. The group of Americans that have no hope for their future because their jobs are gone and will never come back, are currently happily sitting home watching entertainments coming from the White House. Four more years of President Trump with all the entertainment his presidency has provided us, means four more years getting closer to the Universal Income, which is the only path we have to avoid having an uprising in our country from those who have or soon will lose hope to find a job. I agree with Climate Change, for instance, to be a problem for us, but I think the more pressing and the more immediate problem we face comes from a term I heard from an old friend, “The Useless Class,” which I know he does not mean useless in a derogatory manner, but useless in the sense that the current and future economies do not have a use or a need for their out-dated skill sets.

  2. This is the best article I’ve read here. Tulsi Gabbard is one of the most promising candidate who could change the landscape of world politics by focussing on sustainibility approach. Author has done a good job of covering the reasons why she could potentially challenge the changing dimensions of U.S. Politics. A liberal right-wing nationalist with sustaibility without toxic approach towards politics is needed and Tulsi is the best option.
    Happy to read this. Goodjob Valuewalk

  3. Tulsi Gabbard is the best candidate I have ever seen (I never voted for a Dem before). Last weeks survey of TV time for the candidates… Tulsi was last, not even close to any of them…grand total of 15 seconds in the week. The media is threatened by her…anti war…will end subsidies for Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Ag, where will the media and DNC get all their lobbyist and corporate money if Tulsi gets elected? They smear her or ignore her, only the people can get her going…up to us.

    But she will shine in the debates, and they won’t be able to block her. And people who think for themselves and don’t bow at the temple of the DNC and MSM like her a lot: Daniel Ellsberg, Ron Paul, Oliver Stone, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Joe Rogan, Mike Gravel, Jill Stein, Jimmy Dore, Bill Maher, Susan Sarandon, Kim Iversen, etc.,

  4. Thank you for writing a positive endorsement for Tulsi Gabbard and framing some of the criticisms of her in an manner that is found rarely in the mainstream media. Aloha!

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