How Tech Is Transforming Fitness Franchises

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Gone are the days when you could walk into a gym or fitness studio without noticing any technology. These days, whether you’re in a boutique fitness studio or a big-box gym, tech is a defining factor in how fitness franchises are run. Fitness franchises are booming like never before, with a huge percentage of Americans now being members of a health club, and technology is a non-negotiable.  Written in collaboration with F45 Training, this article explains  how tech is changing the fitness industry.

  1. Apps are replacing the necessity of interacting with people

When you walk into a gym, it’s normal to see a number of members focused on their smartphone screens.  Gym members are interacting less with trainers because there are now apps for everything in fitness, from quick workouts to calorie-burning routines. Fitness franchises often have apps to assist you with every aspect of your workout.


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Booking apps allow members to book their spots in advance. Apps also offer meal plans, goal tracking, shopping lists, and webinars to help members understand the important role that food and exercise play in a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Classes can be standardized more easily

In the food franchise industry, standardizing quality is easy; they simply set menus, put together a general script for staff members, and standardize locations. For fitness franchises, however, standardizing quality during expansion  is one of the biggest challenges, particularly for studio franchises.

F45 Training relies heavily on technology to function. A streamed video demonstration takes members through the daily workout, station by station. Flatscreen displays mounted around the studios guide members through everything, including timing intervals. This makes it easy for every F45 franchise to operate correspondingly.

  1. Franchisees can easily communicate with headquarters

Tech has made it possible for franchisors to reach franchisees from any corner of the globe through quick and simple communication channels. Web portals, virtual meetings, and instructional videos have removed the necessity for franchisors to travel long distances when a new franchise location is launched or to find out about a franchisee’s progress. Dropcam technology not only allows fitness franchises to communicate in real-time, but also to be aware of what’s happening in classes and to train instructors.

  1. Wearable tech has become the ultimate fitness tracker

Just as in every other sector of the tech industry, wearable tech has become a big trend  in the fitness industry. Franchises are helping members reach their fitness goals with wearable tech, such as heart rate monitors that provide data so members can  reach their goals faster.

  1. Equipment is getting more advanced

Tech and innovative equipment are  becoming integral to the operation of fitness franchises.  In some fitness studios, you find more high-tech equipment than you would at a store selling tech devices.

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