Siayara Taxi Service Launches In Karachi, Contact Number Included Here

Karachi welcomes a new ride-sharing service. The Siayara taxi service is the first ride-sharing service to be based in Pakistan, and it aims to offer affordable transportation to the city’s residents. Rides can be hailed using either the company’s contact number or via app download.

Syed Aamir Hussain, director of Siayara taxi service, spoke to several media outlets in Pakistan. He said they launched with 2,000 cars classified into four categories based on the size and type of vehicle. The categories are eco-mini, eco, eco-plus and eco-business.

According to the company’s website, the eco-mini vehicles are Suzuki Mehrans and Altos only with model years 2001 and onward. Eco cars are model years up to 2008 and include four-door sedans and hatchbacks in good condition. The eco-plus category is the largest with the most vehicles available. It includes sedans and hatchbacks from 2008 or later. The eco-business category includes only high-end four-door sedans with model year 2015 or newer.

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Hussain said fares for vehicles in all four categories are “reasonable.” The service doesn’t charge extra during peak hours and doesn’t add any hidden fees. Fares for the Siayara taxi service start at Rs17 per kilometer for eco, Rs18 per kilometer for eco-plus and Rs26 per kilometer for eco-business. Fares for eco-mini cars start at Rs15 per kilometer. The service runs 24 hours a day.

The company has tried to set itself apart from other ride-hailing companies like Uber or Careem. For example, it refers to its drivers as “pilots” rather than drivers. Pilots must undergo a screening process and safety and security training before they will be allowed to drive with the Siayara taxi service.

To book a ride, Karachi residents can call the company’s contact number at 021-111-100-500 or via app download from the Google Play Store. To book via the app, just create an account and enter your destination, and it will then match you with a pilot. The app shows your location on a map and allows you to track your pilot as they approach. The app also includes the color of the car you should be watching for and the registration number.

The company also plans to launch a motorcycle service in three months’ time.