Nintendo Switch Lite Vs Original Nintendo Switch: Here’s What’s New


We’ve been hearing rumors about a less expensive version of the Nintendo Switch for months, and the company has finally revealed it. But what’s different about the Nintendo Switch Lite vs the original Nintendo Switch? It’s more than just the price tag.

Nintendo Switch Lite vs the original Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch Lite will be released on Sept. 20 with a price tag of $200, while the original Switch will continue to sell for $300. Unlike the original console, the Lite version doesn’t connect to a TV, so it will be a handheld-only device. The display is also a bit smaller on the Lite version at 5.5 inches in size with a 720p display. The controllers are not detachable like they are on the original Nintendo Switch.

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The Nintendo Switch Lite is also more colorful and will be available in yellow, grey and turquoise. There will also be a limited-edition Switch Lite with a Pokemon design and an off-white case released with the new Pokemon Sword and Shield game, although it won’t actually come with the game.

The folks at CNET got to try out the Lite version of the console and said it definitely feels more compact and lighter than the original model. It’s thinner and about as long as the original Switch without one of its Joy-Cons. They also said the Switch Lite felt a bit more like the new 2DS XL handheld and lighter than the PlayStation Vita. They also describe the Lite as “like a cousin of the 3DS.”

The handheld Switch Lite also sports a D-pad on the left side, which replaces the four buttons on the Joy-Con.

Here’s what stays the same

Upon comparing the Nintendo Switch Lite vs the original Nintendo Switch, it becomes apparent that not everything is different. The internal specs are pretty much the same with 32GB of built-in storage plus a microSD card slot and a headphone jack. The device uses USB Type-C to charge and comes with the same charger as its larger sibling. It also has the same layout for the volume buttons.

The Lite also includes Wi-Fi, near-field communication and the ability to connect to more controllers. However, it should have improved battery life due to the more efficient processor. The two devices should play most of the same games, although any games that don’t support handheld mode won’t be playable on the Switch Lite.