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Mynt ES – Unboxing And Review Of Personal Tracker

The Mynt ES is a tracker that allows users to easily locate items they have misplaced. Let’s take a closer look at the product and see how it works.

Unboxing the Mynt ES

The Mynt ES comes in a very small package, that is attractive. The shrink wrap on the package seals it very well to protect it during shipping. The box houses a tiny plastic container that holds the tracker.  The tracker itself is thin and small, measuring about 1 inch wide by 2 inches long. It has a small hole at one end so that it can be attached to a key ring if you want. The Mynt logo on the front doubles as an activation button, which we will get to in the next segment.

Mynt ES

Activating the Mynt ES

In order to use the Mynt ES, you must first download the Mynt App. It is available on both Android and iOS and is compatible with most devices. It features Bluetooth connectivity, so you will have to set your phone accordingly. When you first power up the app, you will be guided through several steps.

First you need to register for an account with Slightech the parent company of Mynt. Once this is complete you will be shown a list of settings in your phone that must be active in order to use the tracker. These include Bluetooth and location access so the Mynt can successfully link to your phone.

Now that we have the phone successfully registered and set up, we need to connect to the tracker. This is done by pressing the Mynt logo on the device and holding until you hear a melody ring. Once that is done, hold the device close to the phone and wait for the Bluetooth to find it. When it locates the Mynt ES a symbol will appear on the phone screen with a prompt to press it in order to connect. Press the symbol and instantly the device is connected.

Mynt ES Map Tracker
Mynt ES Map feature allows you to easily track the device location

How it Works

Mynt ES will transmit its last known location to your phone. If you are within 150 feet of the device you can select it on the Mynt app and click the Ring Mynt button. This will cause the device to play a melody so you can hear it and quickly locate it. There is also a map screen which displays the last known location of the Mynt ES, allowing you to see if you are close to it or not based on your phone’s GPS position. The tracker also works in reverse. If you have the Mynt ES in your hand and cannot find your phone, pressing the Mynt logo and holding it will cause your phone to ring. The Mynt app also features the ability to find lost items through other Mynt users. When a Mynt user finds one of your devices, the location will be updated through the Mynt network, allowing you to quickly locate it.

Price Point

The Mynt app is not as eye catching as Tile Mate, but at the price point Mynt ES is a bargain. It retails for much less than its competitors. You can purchase the Mynt ES on Amazon for just $14.99 ,or select a 4 pack of them for $49.99.

ValueWalk Rating

We give this device 5 Stars. I tested it in various locations and from different distances. In each case the Mynt ES worked exactly as the product was described. I was able to ring the device from my phone to locate it with audio cues, as well as ringing the phone from the device. I placed the device in multiple locations over a large area, and using the map feature I was able to locate it very quickly. You can use the Mynt ES to keep track of keys, your wallet, or even your car. By placing the device in your car  you can shop with confidence knowing that when you get ready to leave the store, you can walk directly to your parking spot. The Mynt ES tracker can help you simplify your life by keeping track of items you use daily.