Mint H – Find Items Quickly And Easily With Audible Tracker

Mint H – Find Items Quickly And Easily With Audible Tracker
Mint H

What does it do?

The Mint H is an audible tracking system that allows users to find items throughout their home by simply pressing a button on the remote control. When the button is pressed, the tracker associated with that button will emit an audible tone, allowing the item to be quickly located.

Mint H
The Mint H is protected with air bubble packaging

What’s in the box?

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The Mint H comes well packaged from Amazon. The exterior box is filled with protective air bubble filler to ensure the device is not damaged during shipping. Once we removed that, we found the box containing the Mint H system. Inside the box was a plastic tray containing the remote and 6 audio trackers. We quickly located the instructions, which were highly detailed and easy to follow.

The package includes the following items:

  • Instructions
  • Remote
  • 6 Tracking devices
  • Batteries for remote and trackers
  • 6 Key Rings (to allow you to attach trackers to some things)
  • 6 Dots of two sided tape (for attaching trackers to an object)
  • Remote stand
  • Tool for removing the tracking device battery cover

Following the instructions, we removed the battery cover on the remote and installed 2 batteries. Next we used the tool included to remove the cover from the Mint H trackers in order to install the batteries. The tool highly resembles a guitar pick in shape and size, but easily does the job of removing the covers.

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Tool used to remove battery covers from trackers

Once we had the covers off, we installed the batteries and the devices were ready to use.

Mint H
Mint H remote with stand and trackers

How it Works

You can use the included key rings and two sided tape to attach the trackers to different objects in your home. I used my keys and wallet, as those are the two things I most commonly misplace. I then proceeded to place them in different locations throughout my home and test the trackers. Each Mint H tracker is color coded, with a corresponding button on the remote. You can make a list of what the trackers are attached to on the back of the remote in case you forget which button you need to press.

I found that the trackers produce enough noise to be easily located. However, sometimes I had to press the button repeatedly to get the tracker to pick up the signal.  The Mint H remote stand holds the remote well and can be placed on any flat surface.

Price Point

The Mint H can be purchased on Amazon with 6 trackers for less than $25. At that price point it is a great bargain. This gives you the ability to keep track of things you might normally have to search for, making it much easier to locate them.

ValueWalk Rating

The Mint H gets 4 stars from ValueWalk. In spite of having a few instances where we had to press the button more than once to get a tracker to activate, the devices function well. The sound emitted from the tiny tracker is easy to hear in order to locate it. I tested them throughout the house, placing them in cabinets and closets. The only time I noticed the sound was dampened was when I placed it in a dresser drawer with a lot of clothing on top of it. For the price, the Mint H is a great deal.

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