How To Get More YouTube Subscribers: A Few Easy Steps

How To Get More  YouTube Subscribers: A Few Easy Steps
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Since its inception in 2005, YouTube has grown to become more than just another online platform that allows you to upload funny cat videos and embarrassing moments you put your younger sibling through. With more than 400 hours of visual content uploaded per minute, one billion hours of videos watched by subscribers on a daily basis, and being the third most visited website in the world, YouTube has been a significant source of income for influencers and a powerful conversion tool for business across the globe.

Moreover, YouTube is also a major SEO reference, which means that online entities with a high number of followers and loads of quality content experience better search results positioning. Nowadays, gathering subscribers appears to be more difficult than ever, with new publishers like these guys and fresh content popping up like mushrooms after the rain. Users are looking left and right for new methods that would provide them with a fresh stream of subscribers, but the magic formula for success simply doesn’t exist. However, there are certain steps that you should take if you want to gain more subscribers on your YouTube channel. In this article, we are going to go through some of the most effective techniques you could implement to get more people into your pool of fans.


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Make your channel presentable

In the beginning most of us used YouTube to upload all kinds of videos, and created playlists with content that doesn’t have much to do with the message we want our channel to convey to our audience. Moreover, numerous presenters don’t even consider updating the profile header, which could play a major role in attracting people to subscribe for more videos.

Therefore, the first order of business should be removing all the unwanted content from your channel. Get rid of all those early-day videos and playlists as they could confuse the viewer or even lead them away from your channel. Put your mind towards the creation of a unique and compelling header image to breathe new life into your channel. Make sure that every video has a decent description and also provide links to resources you used. Audience will take you more seriously if you aim for a slick and professional look of your channel.

Produce a trailer video

Let the audience know what your channel is about, but don’t expect them to go digging through your channel info and description sections. Create a short, no more than 30 seconds long, video that explains the purpose of your YouTube efforts. It should include captivating visuals, corresponding mood-setting sound coverage, and a message that speaks about what you’re all about. This way, you will have a promotional tool right on your channel and the public will have no problem with deciding whether or not you’re their cup of tea.

As YouTube’s very own Creator Academy suggests, it would be wise to assume that the visitor has no idea about who you are and what your channel is about. Your trailer should explain all of the basics, and it should also include a call to action that would engage the viewers to subscribe to your channel.

Focus on the quality

It’s important to keep your channel active and publish regularly. This doesn’t mean you should upload new videos every couple of days, disregarding the quality of the material, or simply flooding your channel with raw footage screaming at people to respect your effort and subscribe. Consistency and regular posting are important, however it is the quality of your production that speaks volumes about your dedication and the amount of energy you invest in each new addition.

Practice video editing in order to create content you will be proud of, throw in some special effects where possible, hire a screenwriter if you don’t feel up for the task of writing a perfect script for your video, and provide a unique, valuable content. People will subscribe only if you keep them amused, intrigued, and informed. Give them something that solves their problems, statistics show that “how to” videos searches grow by more than 70 percent with each passing year.

Interact with the audience

Audience interaction is not just a way to keep people engaged with your channel, it’s arguably the most effective method of generating subscribers. Replying to comments, especially right after the video is posted, enlarges your channel visibility and gives your videos a better chance of showing up high in the search results. Moreover, the viewers recognize the attention from your side which makes it easier for them to create a bond with you as a publisher.

A word of caution, keep in mind that the online community is versatile, and there are all sorts of people out there. Don’t fall into a troll’s trap, as this could backfire and lead to arguments you just can’t win, making you look all kinds of bad in the eyes of your spectators.

Collaborate with fellow YouTubers

The spectrum of available categories and niches just keeps expanding, so unless you’re ushering a revolution, there is a fair chance that there are other people posting videos with similar topics. You have the chance to tap into a whole new crowd simply by getting in touch with a fellow author in order to collaborate on a project that could benefit the both parties.

Make sure you go to someone who’s close to you in terms of rank, popularity, number of subscribers, and area of interest. In addition, YouTube suggests to make use of your analytics data to see which demographics is most interested in your content. If you notice a spike that pinpoints a certain geographic area or age group, try looking for a collaboration partner that already has success with that target audience to draw them to your channel.

Never stop promoting

Use every opportunity available to promote your channel to new audience and expand your reach. Place calls to action within your videos to engage your viewers to comment and share the content you produce. Try to organize giveaways and interesting contests to build a hype and raise interest in your channel. If you have a blog, don’t hesitate to embed videos in your posts where available or create blog content around the video to publish it.


These are some of the most important steps you should take towards building a larger pool of subscribers. Always keep in mind that the success of your channel is the reflection of the efforts you make in order to please your audience. Stay creative, stay authentic, and keep true to yourself and your fans.

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