Many Are Mad About Fortnite’s New Drum Shotgun, What Do You Think?

Many Are Mad About Fortnite’s New Drum Shotgun, What Do You Think?
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On Tuesday, Fortnite players received the v9.30 second content update with many new features and patches. The biggest addition is one much-anticipated weapon called the Drum Shotgun. However, players don’t seem to be very happy about it and believe it is too powerful.

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The Drum Shotgun is the third version of the shotgun that has been introduced so far in the game. However, unlike the other shotguns we have seen so far, this new weapon is automatic. This means players won’t have to press the trigger fire it. Rather, they just need to hold it down and leave everything else to the weapon.

The automatic nature does not leave opponents enough time to respond. Moreover, the shotgun fires bullets quickly with 12 rounds in each clip, making it difficult for other players to defend themselves. The Drum Shotgun is available in Common, Uncommon and Rare variants and leads to 45/47/ 50 damage per shot.

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Since it is so powerful, one would assume that it would be hard for players to get their hands on it. However, this is not true, as the shotgun can be easily obtained from Floor Loot, Vending Machines and Loot Carriers.

In addition to these criticisms, some also say the flashing effect on the screen when the shotgun is fired makes it impossible for the opponent to see and defend.

“When they spam you, it causes a blinding effect making it next to impossible to shoot back,” one user tweeted.

Due to such reasons, many Fortnite players took to Twitter and other social platforms to complain and criticize the new weapon. Many who criticized the shotgun requested that Epic Games vault the weapon permanently.

With so many players complaining and criticizing the new weapon, it will be interesting to see if Epic Games will vault the shotgun in the next update or not.

Other than the new shotgun, the v9.30 second content update adds new fabs for players to use their creativity. The newly-added fabs are the Paradise Palms Hotel, Paradise Palms Hotel Pool, Paradise Palms Computer Café, Paradise Palms House, Paradise Palms Car Dealership, Truck ‘N’ Oasis and Roadside Diner.

Epic has added five new galleries also: the Paradise Palms Gallery, Paradise Palms Prop Gallery, Truck ‘N’ Oasis Gallery, Roadside Diner Gallery and Sand & Grass Floor Gallery. The Save the World program also has new things, including free X-Ray Llamas, new daily quests and Light’em Up quests. To learn more about the v9.30 second content update, visit this link.

Fortnite Season 9 debuted on May 9 with two new locations, Neo Tilted and Mega Mall, which replaced Tilted Towers and Retail Row after the volcano event on May 4. Epic also added Slipstreams in Season 9. These large towers propel players as they enter the wind stream. On May 22, Epic released the v9.10 update, which featured a new crossover with Nike called the FortniteXJumpman.

The v9.10 update also added Hot Spots, a new way to loot. Other changes with v9.10 included unvaulting of the Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle, reduced availability of the Shadow Bombs and the Combat Shotgun.

Then in week 4 of Season 9, Epic added a new Burst SMG weapon, which can quickly shoot four-bullet bursts. On June 6, the developer rolled out the v9.20 update, bringing with it a throwable called Storm Flip. Other changes with the update were vaulting of all Hunter Rifles and changes to Loot Carrier drops.

Epic Games released v9.21 on June 12. The update introduced the new Proximity Grenade Launcher and weapon balance changes, mainly for the new Storm Flip item. With v9.21, Epic also added a new limited-time mode called Horde Rush.

The Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am competition was held on June 16, and the 50 best Fortnite players teamed up with 50 celebrities. Two days later, Epic released update v9.30, adding a new healing item called Chug Splash.

On June 25, Epic released the first content update for v9.30. The update added the Fortnite 14 Days of Summer, in which one weapon unvaults each day, and players receive new challenges and limited-time modes.

Fortnite Season 9 is expected to last 10 weeks, and Season 10 is expected to start on August 1, according to Fortnite Intel.

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