Apex Legends Gnut Code Error Frustrating Players, No Official Response

Apex Legends Gnut Code error

Image Source: EA (screenshot)

Apex Legends is currently in Season 2, but connection issues continue to frustrate players with new names. Previously the error codes that users reported were Leaf and Wheel. Now some players are reporting that they’re getting the Apex Legends Gnut Code error.

Unceremonious disconnects have been a major problem for Apex Legends players. The issue keeps players from jumping into the game. Initially users reported getting the error code Leaf, which forced them back to the home screen. Users reported that there getting the Leaf code error while starting a match and during the course of the game. A few weeks later some users started reporting another error code, Wheel, which prevented them from playing the game.

Although the frequency of both issues has declined recently, some Apex Legends players are starting to report a new error that is keeping them from enjoying the game. Several players reported getting the message, “There was a problem processing game logic. Please try again. Sh_battlepass.gnut,” when trying to drop into King’s Canyon.

Image Source: Reddit (screenshot)

Other players reported getting the Apex Legends Gnut code error for other situations as well, like when trying to load a match. Unlike the earlier errors, the Gnut error code is appearing with other errors such as “sh_bleedout.gnut” and “sh_battlepass.gnut.”

“Ah man this happened to me. We got the dreaded BATTLEPASS GNUT,” one Reddit user said.

As of now there is no information on what is causing the Apex Legends Gnut code error. Developer Respawn Entertainment hasn’t yet acknowledged the issue. However, as instances of players reporting the Gnut code error increase, the developer will be forced to look into the issue.

Respawn is expected to release a new patch soon to fix many bugs and issues. However, according to the patch details revealed on Reddit, there is no information regarding the Gnut code error, tech site PiunikaWeb notes. Hopefully the developer will add a fix for the Gnut code error to the patch.

Apex Legends, which quietly debuted in February, is a popular free-to-play battle royale game. In just eight hours of its release, the game breached 1 million downloads, and after a month, it had 50 million players.

Despite the popularity, the game was often criticized for its less frequent updates. Respawn answered all criticisms with the release of Season 2 earlier this month. Season 2 is entitled Battle Charge, and it came with new legends, cosmetics and events. The new season also features an updated Battle Pass with better rewards and more ways for players to earn them.

Some of the new rewards are skydiving emotes, loading screens and music packs that play when you drop or win. Buying a Battle Pass gives the player access to four new skins, including Spitfire Intimidator, Valor Bangalore, Dreadnought Pathfinder and Gilded Gibraltar. The new Battle Pass also includes three new content categories which replace the badge and stat tracker rewards.

With Season 2, Respawn also introduced Ranked Leagues. Players start at Bronze IV and progress through ranks I-IV of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. After passing all these ranks, the player becomes an Apex Predator.

Respawn also added a new weapon with Season 2 called L-Star. This weapon will only be available via supply drops and will have fixed ammo. It has larger projectiles than other weapons in the game, but it also has two weaknesses. The first is slow bullet travel speed, and the second is overheating. Continuous firing with the gun may cause it to overheat, resulting in a long reload time.

Respawn updated some existing weapons and attachments as well. For instance, the new Energy Mag attachment boosts the ammo capacity and lowers the reload time of energy-based weapons. Further, Alternator, Triple Take, Flatline and P2020 received buffs, while the Arc Star was also improved.

Respawn also increased the size of the energy stack from 60 to 80, while the Shotgun ammo stacks were reduced from 64 to 16 rounds. With Season 2, airdrop packages will include different loot tables depending on the stage of the game, such as more Mastiffs toward the end of the game and more Krabers early on. Some gold weapons were also added in Season 2.

Apex Legends Season 2 has gotten off to an excellent start, but speculations about Season 3 are already in full swing. Although the official release date of Season 3 is not yet out, there are a few hints pointing to an approximate release date.

The first-year roadmap of the game says Season 3 will start in September. This may not be true because the second season started a month after it was listed on the roadmap. Thus, we can expect the new season to debut sometime in mid or late October.

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