Scientists Unearth Ancient City Palace In Iraq From Bronze Age

Scientists Unearth Ancient City Palace In Iraq From Bronze Age
Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot

A drought that dried up the water from Iraq’s Mosul Dam reservoir, exposed an ancient city palace in Iraq. Scientists that discovered it were able to date it back to the Bronze Age, which sheds light on homes humans had back in that period.

The discovery of the ancient city palace is of vast importance to archaeologists. The city reveals a palace with well-preserved walls that have heights of 22 feet. Also, the palace has chambers that once were painted with colorful murals, according to the accompanying study’s statement.

The city from the Bronze age dates to the time of the Mittani Empire, an ancient kingdom located in the Near East and ruled parts of Syria and northern Mesopotamia from the 15th to the 14th century B.C. The archaeological site where the palace was unearthed was named Kemune. It’s interesting to note that there are only three other sites from this period that hide Mittani palaces, but all of them are found in outer locations of the empire. However, the newly-discovered palace provides information about life at the heart of the kingdom.

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