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The Advantages Of Using A Parental Control App

Technology is everywhere these days, and it seems like most children in developed countries at least have access to a tablet or phone and use it regularly even if they don’t own one themselves. Unfortunately, technology makes it easier than ever for children to fall victim to cyber-bullying or child grooming or even just gain access to content they shouldn’t be watching or reading. However, a parental control app like FamiSafe can make it easier to monitor what your child is doing online.

Parental Control
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Why you should consider using a parental control app

Most parental control apps enable parents to protect their children from questionable content by blocking access to it. Such apps also enable parents to keep track of the people their child is communicating with. By quickly reviewing their emails, contacts and texts, parents will be able to make sure unauthorized adults haven’t gained access to their children. This will also enable parents to be mindful of cyber-bullying so they can handle it if it happens.

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Apps like this also force parents to become more familiar with the apps and technology their children use and enables them to forge a closer bond with their kids. Additionally, they create peace of mind for parents because they no longer have to worry about what their children are doing online.

How FamiSafe and other parental control apps work

Although there are many parental control apps available, one option is FamiSafe, which supports physical location tracking in addition to app blocking, web filtering and screen time control. Parents can monitor their children's text messages and receive automatic alerts when there is a risk of their kids experiencing cyber-bullying or harassment via their texts.

Users can also set alerts if their children access inappropriate content and track their activities. The parental control app also enables parents to see what their kids spend their time doing, which apps get the most use, and how they use social media. Users can also block access to apps during study or sleep time and block access to pornography, gambling or other inappropriate content.

One interesting aspect of FamiSafe is the support for physical tracking and geo-fencing. Parents can keep an eye on where their children go. Users can also set geo-fences and receive alerts when their kids enter or leave a safe zone.

To learn more about how FamiSafe works, you can click here.