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10 Best Apple Products Designed By Jony Ive

Apple is an icon in the tech world. However, some of the people who have worked there are equally iconic, thanks to their skills and sharp business sense. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne founded the company. However it is designers who helped keep it growing. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the 10 best Apple products designed by Jony Ive.

According to a report from TechJuice, Ive is leaving his post at Apple to launch his own company. When he leaves, a piece of history will leave with him, as he has been the brains behind some of the companies best creations. When you consider the 10 best Apple products ever, you must include the ones designed by Jony Ive. For instance, in 1998 Apple launched the iMac G3. This was Apple’s attempt to boost sales after nearly a decade of low sales numbers. The look of the G3 was completely revolutionary, adding color and attractive design to a machine that most other companies preferred to keep in a plainly designed black and grey box.

The next item on the list of the 10 best Apple products designed by Jony Ive is the iBook G3, which carried the attractive feel of the iMac G3 to Apple’s laptop line. This was launched in 1999 and continued to be a top seller all the way up until 2006, when Apple launched the MacBook line.

The iPod came in 2001, 6 years before the first iPhone. This perhaps one of Apple’s most iconic devices. The iPod was designed by Jony Ive and is easily listed in the list of top 10 Apple products. When the iPod hit the streets, it changed the way the world listened to its favorite music. The ability to store thousands of songs in a tiny player was incredible, and the user interface made it easy to browse through the lists to exactly what you wanted to hear.

The one device which has remained the backbone of the company is the iPhone. The first model was released in 2007, and it was designed by Jony Ives. He has influenced each generation of the device, and it is perhaps the best known device in a list of the 10 best Apple products. The phone is in its tenth generation now, with the iPhone 11 on the way this fall. It has developed an almost cult like following, and consumers will camp out in front of Apple Stores in order to be the first in line to purchase new releases.

The MacBook Air in 2008 and the iPad in 2010 are both products of Ives imagination. Both of these devices continue to be popular among Apple lovers, and the latest models of the iPad have become very popular in the business world because of their versatility. The MacBook Air was cutting edge in 2008, when its solid metal body provided strength and its size and weight made it easy to carry and use. These two definitely deserve a spot in the list of 10 best Apple products designed by Jony Ives.

Ives’ creativity didn’t stop at product design. He was heavily involved in the design for iOS7, bringing the world a beautiful OS that offered functionality and style. This OS was a major change from previous updates, which offered bright colors and a parallax design to the home screen. The 10 best Apple products designed by Jony Ives is a list that wouldn’t be complete without mentioning his skill in the software design area as well.

He was also responsible for bringing wearable technology to Apple. The Apple Watch in 2014 and Air Pods in 2016 are both the creative genius of Ives. He saw the opportunity to make products that people could wear, and then worked to ensure the products were cutting edge and provided the user with a great experience. His skills stretched even beyond this realm when he helped design the company’s new office complex. The campus is laid out in a circular design, often called the Spaceship. The entire complex runs on renewable energy, showing Apple’s dedication to helping reduce carbon emissions. These products definitely belong in the list of 10 best Apple products designed by Jony Ives. His creative genius will definitely be missed at the Cupertino company.