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PlayStation 5 vs PS4 Pro: Level Load Time Difference

PlayStation 5 vs PS4 Pro, is the cost of the new unit going to be worth it? Well, that depends on what you want to get out of your gaming console. The graphics on the PS5 are going to be incredible, as Sony is working overtime to make sure the new console is able to handle even the most high resolution games with ease. The updated hardware components in the PlayStation 5 have boosted the speed of the machine and cut level load time by a huge margin according to The Verge.

PlayStation 5 vs PS4 Pro – Level Load Time Comparison

Sony held an investors meeting in Dallas, Tx where they demonstrated the difference in level load time between the two consoles. The PlayStation 5 vs PS4 Pro comparison yielded some interesting results. The company used its Spiderman game for the demonstration, as it is high resolution and sets a good benchmark for comparing the two systems. The PS4 Pro was able to load new levels in roughly 8 seconds, which is pretty fast compared to the original Playstation that took 30-40 seconds on a good day to load Need For Speed levels. However, the PS5 was able to load the same levels in Spiderman in less than 1 second.

Dynamic Maps

Games that use dynamic mapping allows a player to move through the map, only loading the parts immediately around the player. This feature requires the graphics card and processor to keep up with player movement and object placement within the map. Along with reducing level load time, the PlayStation 5 vs PS4 Pro comparison revealed that the PS5 could handle dynamic maps much more efficiently than the current generation of the console.

How It Works

The PS5 will have an updated storage system, which allows it to reduce level load time. The new SSD system will replace the standard hard drive found in the PS4. SSD load times are much more rapid than that of their traditional counterparts and less taxing on power resources. The PlayStation 5 vs PS4 comparison definitely shows a huge advantage to the upcoming product from Sony.

Streaming Services

Cloud based streaming game services are going to be the platform of choice in the near future. Sony knows this and is most likely designing the PS5 to operate on those platforms. The company recently partnered with Microsoft in an effort to increase the game titles in its repertoire and expand into the streaming market. The PlayStation 5 vs PS4 pro comparison in this category, clearly shows the PS5 to be the winner, even if level load time isn’t a consideration for you.

Graphics And Launch Date Info

The graphics on the next generation console will be 8k capable and most likely have the ability to employ ray tracing technology. This means extremely high quality textures in high definition. Level load time will decrease, while graphics quality increases, which will definitely add some food for thought to your comparison of the PlayStation 5 vs PS4 Pro. The new console is not expected to launch within the next 12 months, and even after launch Sony expects the current console to remain its main platform for the next 2 to 3 years. We could see the official launch of the PS5 sometime in November of 2020, but for now we just have to wait and see.


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